The purpose of this policy is not to forbid operating certain motorized vehicles but to define and clarify responsible behavior ensuring their safe and legal use in Pine River Ranches. 

  1. Speed:  all motorized vehicles including all-terrain vehicles, motorcycles, and dirt bikes, snow mobiles and passenger automobiles, must restrict their speed to 20 MPH.
  2. Private Land:  The use of motorized vehicles on private land without the property owner’s permission is trespassing.  Therefore, any private land, whether fenced or not, is off limits.
  3. Common Land:  These are properties under mutual ownership by the Pine River Ranches Landowner Association, Inc; park or green area around the neighborhood pond.  All motorized vehicles, except those conducting Association businesses such as cutting and weed control are restricted to the road and the parking area leading to the pond.  Appropriate signs designating these boundaries will be in place.  These vehicle restrictions are to preserve the integrity of the park and to minimize erosion, destruction of wildlife habitat, minimize wildfire danger and to prevent danger to motor vehicle operators.
  4. Pedestrian Safety:  Many of our neighbors make use of the roads for recreation such as walking, riding bicycles and riding horses.  Safety and mutual respect dictate that caution be taken when operating vehicles in their vicinity.  Reduce speed to prevent rocks and dust from striking these people or animals.
  5. Road Damage:  Operating vehicles in such a way that significantly damages our roads raises costs to all Landowners.  The most common complaints involve all-terrain vehicles and dirt bikes that dig deep ruts in the gravel and dirt that eventually require grading.  The irresponsible activity should be reported to the Association’s Board of Directors for action.
  6. Motor Vehicle Safety:  It is strongly recommended that vehicle operators wear appropriate safety gear.  This gear should include helmets and safety clothing based on the type of vehicle used.
  7. Noise and Racing: Our roads are for the purpose of getting to and from a given destination. They are not intended as a speedway for recreation by residents and guests. Multiple laps of noisy, fast, and/or numerous ATV’s is not appropriate. Forest roads, such as those in Beaver Meadows, are more appropriate for the use of ATV’s for entertainment.
  8. Using Motorized Vehicles to Pull Sleds: Use of ATV’s or other motorized vehicles to pull sleds is highly risky. Sleds cannot stop as easily and can run into the towing vehicle, other vehicles, or trees. Other drivers may not see the sled being pulled and inadvertently hit it. Or the driver may need to drive off the road to avoid a collision. Death and serious injury are all too common occurrences associated with pulling sleds behind motorized vehicles. Do Not Do It!