Minutes – PRRLOA Board Meeting – 15 November 2023


BOARD OF DIRECTORS – November 14, 2022 – 5:30 P.M.


The meeting was called to order by President, Chip Burkett at 5:35 P.M.

Board of Directors present: Chip Burkett, Florian Walchak, Barbara Wickman and Jeanie Widner.

Guests: NONE

Minutes of the October 18, 2022 board meeting were presented.  Florian moved the minutes be accepted, Barbara seconded and the minutes were approved by a vote of 4-0.

TREASURER’S REPORT –  presented by Florian Walchak

              General Account Balance: $8,057.15  (previous month: $5,918.36)

                             October deposits: $2,250.00 (gravel reimbursement from McLaughlin)

                             October debits: $30.98 (GoDaddy)

                             October interest: $0.39

              Winter Account Balance: $680.21 (previous month: $680.18)

                              October deposits: $0.00

                             October debits: $0.00

                             October interest: $0.03

              Reserve Account Balance: $12,590.34 (previous month: $12,590.34)

                              October deposits: $0.00

                             October debits: $0.00

                             October interest: $0.53

              Bridge Replacement Project Account Balance: $3,001.37 (previous month $3,001.06)

                             October deposits: $0.00

                             October debits: $0.00

                             October interest: $0.31

              Outstanding Invoices:

                             $1,002.34 (Horizon Environmental for weed control)

                             $5,307.90  (remaining payment to CRG including Duck Spring gravel)

                             $1,070.47  (Chip Burkett – reimbursement for bridge tread repair materials)

                             $500.00 (Florian Walchak – LPEA utility pole relocation fee)


To General Account: need to transfer $5,751.50 from Bridge Project line of credit to General Account to repay for line of credit closing fees (when required)

To Reserve Account: need to reimburse Reserve Account $7,465.50 for roadwork payment; plan to do that with the FEMA bridge study reimbursement


                             2022 Assessments: $34,886.00 (100%)

                             Impact Fees: $0.00

                             Lien Payments: $0.00

              Lien Status:

no active liens

              Fish Fund

                             Expenses: $2,400.00

                             Fund Balance: $1,666.00

Florian received a check from the UPRFD for $7,610.36 from FEMA For reimbursement of monies spent.  Jeanie moved the Treasurer’s report be accepted as presented and all outstanding invoices be paid.  Florian seconded and vote to approve was 4-0. 

Florian still needs to get Barbara Wickman on the signature cards and Jeremy Luman off.


DESIGN – No report

              EMERGENCY ACCESS – No report

AED – No report.

COMMON SPACE MAINTENANCE – Chip reported that he and Duane Nelson had measured for 2 outside tracks on the bridge to be replaced and Duane Nelson and Jeremy Luman had done the necessary work.  Duane had reported to Chip that someone had taken scrap lumber and brush to the vacant lot by the bridge where we had been burning.  The board discussed it and agreed that we need to notify the members that this is not a dumping area and that burnable materials can only be taken there on announced days for such activity by the Common Space Maintenance Committee.  Barbara Wickman volunteered to post signage to that effect at the burn pile site.


            BRIDGE REPLACEMENT – Chip sat in on the last phone call meeting with the State FEMA and regulatory folks along with Upper Pine River Fire Department.  Bruce Evans is trying to find someone to provide expertise to assist with the bridge project.  Florian reported he had sent the KLJ package to CDOT for their input and that Greg French, Deputy Fire Chief has several vendors on the list to be included. Greg is talking with Julie Beyers at the Colorado Department of Public Safety and to the LaPlata County Administrators, seeking information and assistance with the RFP. We will have to pay for a wetlands study from Rocky Mountain Ecology before the bridge can be installed. Acquiring the used bridge that CDOT had offered is off the table due to too many unknowns and expenses. Julie at the State DPS assured Florian and the UPRFD that extending the FEMA grant deadline should be no problem.

            MEMBER CONCERN OVER MINUTES OF 2023BUDGET MEETING – Chip reported that he received an e-mail from a Richards Drive resident objecting to the wording of the budget meeting minutes. In order to rectify the concern, the board agreed to the following clarification and correction..

“A draft copy of the minutes from the 2023 Budget meeting was originally posted at the mailboxes.  The draft contained a statement made following the meeting by a resident.  The statement was flagged by the resident as inaccurately representing his sentiments.  The statement was presented on the draft minutes as, “the residents on Richards Drive objected to having to pay their fare share of the project”.  The resident indicated the statement he actually made was, ‘we on Richards Drive didn’t think it was fair to make us pay for a bridge that we don’t use.”  Please let the record reflect the correct statement by our resident.”

STATE HOA LAWS – Florian has examined the new laws and reported that we are basically already doing everything they require.  Mostly, we will just need to ensure that everything is properly documented and he will see to it that we are in compliance.




              Tuesday, December 6, 2022 @ 5:30 P.M., at the Walchak Residence.


              Barbara moved the meeting be adjourned; Florian seconded.  Vote approved 4-0 @ 6:17 P.M.

These minutes were approved by a vote of _____________ on ____________________________________

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