POND (LOT 91) Access and Use

a. Use is restricted to any lot owner, their family and/or accompanied guest(s).

b. All motorized vehicles, except those conducting Association businesses such as cutting and weed control are restricted to the road and the parking area leading to the pond. Appropriate signs designating these boundaries will be in place. These vehicle restrictions are to preserve the integrity of the park and to minimize erosion, destruction of wildlife habitat, minimize wildfire danger and to prevent danger to motor vehicle operators.

c. Pedestrian traffic around the perimeter of the pond is approved; foot access to the pond around its perimeter is approved use, e.g. for fishing.

d. Fishing is allowed in accordance with PRRLOA fishing guidelines. Take only enough fish for one meal, but in any event no more than the legal limit as established by the Division of Parks and Wildlife. Catch and release using artificial lures and flies is encouraged.

e Staging and shore storage of watercraft and other pond related recreational equipment is limited to parking/picnic area shore.

f. Launching and landing/docking of boat and other watercraft restricted to parking area access point.

g. Homeowners with lots adjacent to the pond lot may access the pond perimeter and common areas directly by foot; they may not store or launch watercraft and recreational equipment on the pond perimeter adjacent to their property.

h. Avoid disturbing wildlife while sitting on nests and raising young. Stay at least 150 feet away from any reproducing wildlife.

i. Dogs are allowed at the pond only when they are with their owners, are non-aggressive, responsive to voice commands by their owners or are on a lease.  Dogs may swim in the pond but must be under voice control by their owner. All pets must stay away from wildlife and not bother other residents using the pond. If you do bring your dog, clean up after it.

j. Keep property clean and natural. Remove any trash, cans, bottles, discarded fishing line, hen leaving the property.

k. Any watercraft left at the pond will be assumed to be a public good where any resident may use it. If a watercraft is left over the winter, it will be assumed to be abandoned. The Board may use or dispose of it as they see fit.

l. Use of the pond and the surrounding land is at the user’s risk. The Association and other property owners assume no responsibility or liability for the user’s actions, damages, or injuries.

m. No cutting of any trees and/or brush at the pond is allowed without the Board’s direct approval.