Minutes – PRRLOA Board Meeting 10 May 2022


BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING – May 10, 2022 – 5:30 P.M.


The meeting was called to order by Vice-President, Jeremy Luman at 5:31 P.M.

Board of Directors present: Jeremy Luman, Florian Walchak, Dan Holloway, and Jeanie Widner.

Guests: Mike Arnall

Minutes of the April 12, 2022 meeting were presented and Florian moved the minutes be approved as presented.  Dan seconded and the vote to approve the minutes was 4-0.

TREASURER’S REPORT _ Florian presented the report as follows:

              GENERAL ACCOUNT – Balance is $24,871.90 (previous month: $23,569.99

                             April deposits: $1,330.00 (assessments, fire grant & fish fund donation)

April debits: $29.98 (GoDaddy website)

April interest: $1.89

              WINTER ACCOUNT – Balance is $180.05 (previous month: $190.04)

                             April deposits: $0.00

                             April debits: $10.00 (service charge)

                             April interest: $0.01

              RESERVE ACCOUNT – Balance is $20,051.99 (previous month: $20,051.19)

                             April deposits: $0.00

                            April debits: $0.00

                             April interest: $0.80

              BRIDGE REPLACEMENT PROJECT ACCOUNT – Balance is $3,000.69 (previous month: $3,000. 62)

                             April deposits: $0.00

                             April debits: $0.00

                             April interest: $0.07


                             John Dustin: $22.03 (gas for wood chipper)


Pending transfer to General Account of $5,751.50 from the Bridge Project line of credit for closing fees when required


                             2022 Assessments: #34,542.00 (99% of lots)

                             Donations: $0.00

                             Impact Fees: $0.00

                             Fire Grant: $500.00


                             No outstanding liens – notices of intent to file sent to 1 lot owner with unpaid


              FISH FUND – Balance is $2,506.00

                             Contribution: $200.00

                             Expense: $0.00

Jeanie submitted a bill for office supplies (copier ink) for $325.16.  Florian moved the bill be paid, Dan seconded and vote passed4-0.  Jeanie moved the Treasurer report be accepted as presented and outstanding invoices be approved for payment, Dan seconded and vote to approve was 4-0.


DESIGN – no report

              EMERGENCY ACCESS – no report

              AED – no report

              COMMON SPACE MAINTENANCE – The Fire prevention clean-up and wood chipping day went very well.  There were several who came out and helped, in spite of often miserable weather and high winds.  The board agreed that Duane Nelson had done a stellar job of organizing and executing the project.  Jeanie suggested a sign be posted at the mailboxes thanking all involved and specifically Duane and the lunch crew.  The board agreed.  There was no news on the culvert on Ludwig, as it has been postponed pending bridge work. 


              BRIDGE REPLACEMENT – Florian spoke to J.D. Burke from the PRRFD.  We have received the design statement and documents.  Estimates include a pre-fab steel bridge, a steel girder box beam & pre-stressed concrete.  Average estimated cost is $1.4 million, which puts us over our $1.2 million grant.  We have already spent $100K for the needed studies.  Florian stressed that this was the engineer’s estimate, not the contractors.  J.D. said that PRFD will put out the RFP this month and see what comes back.  At this point it appears that each lot will pay $3000.00.  The PRFD has several plans to secure the additional funds needed and feel fairly confident that they can successfully obtain them without further cost to PRRLA residents.  Florian said we ought to have a hard number by the end of June and they are still projecting a fall build.

              IKAV LOTS MAINTENACE – Florian reported that Miles from IKAV and JD from PRFD are working on getting the wells sealed and de-commissioned and Florian will remind Miles that weeds need to be treated.

              NEIGHBORHOOD YARD SALE – Date chosen is June 25,2022 from 8-4.  Jeanie will post sign at the mailboxes and Dan will help with advertising.  Jeanie will try to find out how many property owners will be participating.


              Florian reported that the owner of lot ST 51 is being encouraged to build.  They have been dwelling in their trailer for 2 years.

              Mike Arnall asked when the lot for sale on Ludwig near the bridge got water on it.  He said the original map of the subdivision showed no water there.  No one had the answer but Florian said Pat LeRoy might be able to answer the question.  Mike then raised a concern that a fence is a structure according to state law he read and that our covenants say all structure must be 15 feet from the property lines.  Florian said he would ask the lawyer to review the law and our covenants for clarification.

              ANNUAL MEETING _ The date for the Annual Meeting was tentatively set for July 16, 2022, at 10:00 A.M., location to be determined, pending approval of all board members (President, Chip Burkett was absent)  (AFTER THE MEETING IT WAS UNANIMOUSLY DECIDED THAT JULY 9, 2022 WOULD WORK BETTER)


              Tuesday, June 14, 2022 @ 5:30 P.M., Widner Residence


              Jeanie moved the meeting be adjourned; Dan seconded.  Vote carried 4-0 @ 6:20 P.M.

These minutes were approved by a vote of _____________ on ____________________________________

              CHIP BURKETT, PRESIDENT                                                                                                          DATE


              JEANIE WIDNER, SECRETARY                                                                                                       DATE