Minutes Annual Meeting 9 July 2022


ANNUAL MEETING – JULY 9, 2022 – 10:00 A.M.


The meeting was call to order by President, Chip Burkett at 10:09 A.M.  He welcomed all who were there and asked if there were any new homeowners who were attending for the first time.  There were no replies.  Vice-President, Jeremy Luman and Secretary, Jeanie Widner verified that there was a quorum represented with 27 lot owners and 13 proxy signatures for a total of 40.

Chip introduced our guest, J.D. Burke from the Pine River Fire Department (PRFD)

Secretary, Jeanie Widner read the minutes of the July 24, 2021 Annual Meeting.  With no additions or corrections, John Dustin moved the minutes be approved as read.  Mark Pommier seconded.  The motion passed by a unanimous voice vote.

TREASURER’S REPORT – Florian Walchak presented the treasurer’s report as follows:

              GENERAL ACCOUNT BALANCE: $14,596.05

              WINTER ACCOUNT BALANCE:  $680.09

              RESERVE ACCOUNT BALANCE: $20,053.69


              OUTSTANDING INVOICES: $13,455 (CRG FOR ROADWORK -estimate until final bill arrives)


RECEIVABLES:  $34,886.00 (2022 ASSESSMENTS – 100% PAID)

FISH FUND: $1,666.00   Donors were recognized and thanked

Jim Clay asked for clarification that all past liens had been paid in full.  Florian said they had.  Florian said the payment of outstanding liens and the impact fees collected throughout the year had been critical in the budget being sufficient to cover expenses with the rising costs and that we could not rely on those sources of income for the 2023 budget year.  Jim Clay moved the treasurer’s report be approved as presented.  Dan Holloway seconded.  The vote to approve was a unanimous voice vote.


Florian presented the proposed budget for 2023 .The current budget collects $34,400.00 and there will be no anticipated carry-over from the 2022 budget, so we will be starting with a $0.00 balance.  The proposed budget will raise the funds from the $34,400 to $37,610.  Increases proposed are as follows:

              FULL TIME   $430 – $490

              PART TIME   $344 – $392

              VACANT LOT   $172 – $196

Mark Pommier asked if we could consider quarterly or bi-annual billing.  Florian said the board will discuss that and it presents no problems for him as treasurer.  Florian also stated that there have been no annual fee increases for 7 years.  Mark Pommier also said he would like to suggest that the board look into having road grading and maintenance done twice yearly instead of once.  Jim Clay spoke and said the board had not raised fees in the past few years due to the special bridge assessment that was expected but that it was now time to raise the fees as the costs of everything is rising.  He suggested we raise to an even number of $500 for fulltime lots.  John Dustin moved the fulltime fee be raised to $500. And Duane Nelson seconded.  Marianna Brown suggested that all fees be rounded up.  John Dustin said the percentages of the fulltime, parttime and vacant lots were embedded in the Association CC&R’s and are as follows:

              FULLTIME         100%

              PARTTIME         80%

              VACANT LOT    40%

No vote was held on the motion.  The board will revise before the annual budget meeting.


Florian said a lot has changed and nothing’s changed!  We still have no bridge.  Our line-of-credit with the Bank of Colorado is only good for 1 year and we will need to reapply.  Florian foresees no problem with that.  He turned things over to J.D. Burke from the PRFD to explain the latest developments.  JD said they have run into several delays but are now in the design phase.  The RFP is expected in the next couple of weeks.  When it has been received, the next phase is to release the bid to build to construction companies.  The bridge will be built to the south side of the existing bridge.  Mailboxes will remain in the same location.  The problem is that the bridge crosses at an officially designated wetlands location, which presents a different permitting process If the water level is going to be changed in the river.  The PRFD is seeking to avoid the water level issue to mitigate additional costs.  JD said everyone is aware that we have gotten into inflation and costs are rising.  There is concern that the bridge at the present costs will be more than the original $800K now.  The design company thinks that the bridge build bid will come in at around $1 Million.  Once the build bid comes in, the PRRLA will get to approve or disapprove.  JD feels the RFP to build the bridge can be released to construction companies by early August and take about 45 days to come back.  Shirlene Hendrix asked why we have to build a 2-lane bridge.  Could we just do a wider bridge?  JD said the bridge is to provide egress for safety reason and anything other than 2-lanes does not provide the ability for safety in case of fire and necessary evacuations and firefighting.  JD also stated that the cost of a bridge is really in the length, not the width, so it would not lessen the cost to narrow the bridge.  Rusty Walker asked for more explanation about the water level concern and how the new bridge will help with lowering the water level.  JD explained that the current bridge has a center pilon and removing that will lower the water level, but the concrete end supports may obstruct flow and raise it back up.  One of the big concerns is the water level under the bridge at high flow times.  Carole Rominger asked why the trees had to be removed on the south side of the current bridge.  JD said he would be glad to meet with her at a later time to answer questions.  It has not yet been determined how many trees may need to be removed.  That will come will the build RFP.  JD stated that the PRFD would prefer the new bridge go straight from the corner through the middle of the vacant lot but that it would be more expensive due to the fact that the bridge would need to be longer if located there and there would need to be more new road construction.  Carole asked what this meant as it pertains to new development around PRRLA.  JD said he saw no future impact of anyone else accessing our bridge.  There will still be only a single point of egress into the subdivision but that the Bayfield area is growing rapidly, so he couldn’t rule out future growth in the area.  Brian Good asked about the corner of CR501 and Ludwig, with the hazardous hairpin turn.  JD told him that was a county issue.  John Dustin said the Lane from CR501 to the Bridge is a right-of-way through land PICK BAR RANCH owns.  Mark Pommier asked JD if the bridge could be raised to solve the high water problem.  JD said when you go up, you must also go out and that would raise the cost.  Marianna Brown asked if the PRRLA said the cost was too high, would there be a chance the grant could be increased?  JD said no, the grant would just end.  There was lots of discussion.  JD said that LaPlata county had not been at all helpful and the PRFD may consider asking them to step up due to inflationary costs.  Susan Brightman asked if a 2-lane bridge was a requirement and JD said no but that a single lane bridge into a subdivision would be non-compliant with LaPlata county codes as they are now.  This could affect Homeowners Insurance and Property values. Patt Dorsey asked if we were tied to low bid only.  JD answered, no, the company doing the design is KLJ and they have done lots of bridges like this.  Susan Brightman asked if we were going to have to do another study, JD said not at this time.  That will be decided when the PRRLA decided whether to go forward with the build once the bid is received.  Florian stated that the price will be a firm, fixed price once the contract is awarded.


Chip reported that Terri Bonham has been the chair and is stepping down.  This past year the committee has accomplished the development of a comprehensive guide which contains all information regarding building projects within the PRRLA that is within various documents of the Association.  There are no new additions, just a consolidation of rules and regulations into one easy to access document.  The Design Committee will be e-mailing a copy to everyone.  Current members are Lilly Burkett and Teresa Herrerra and one more volunteer is needed.  Jeremy Luman said he would serve if no one else will.


Duane Nelson reported on the chipper weekend.  23 neighbors helped, giving over 200 hours of volunteer time.  This information will help us acquire future grants.  Over 320 cubic yards of slash was removed, much of it coming from the pond area.  The PRFD reminds residents they need a burn permit and Duane said he is again offering his services for free to assess your fire preparedness in his capacity as a retired wildland firefighter.  There will be more upcoming work days to mow, cut brush and work around the pond.  Sign up if you are willing to be on the crew.  Duane also said that approximately 85% of homeowners may be  underinsured in case of fire, so each homeowner might want to check with their agent.  There are weed problems within the subdivision, please be sure to control your weeds.


Jeremy Luman is leaving the board so there is one vacancy to be filled.  Lilly Burkett nominated Barbara Wickman.  Carole Rominger said she was willing to serve.  Jim Clay moved nomination cease Lilly seconded.  The voice vote to cease nominations was unanimous.  Ballots were cast and Barbara Wickman was voted in as the new board member for 2022-2023. 

Jeanie Widner stood to thank the members and neighbors of the subdivision for their kindness and expressions of sympathy to she and Ron in the recent death of their son.

John Dustin moved the meeting be adjourned.  Florian Walchak seconded and the voice vote was unanimous at 12:05 P.M.  Potluck followed.

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