This policy was adopted by the Pine River Ranches Board of Directors, with input from residents.  Your comments about this policy are welcome at the next board meeting (watch the mailboxes for upcoming dates and times).

Welcome to the Pine River Ranches Subdivision.

We have a landowners’ association comprised of five Directors.  We meet monthly and landowners are encouraged to attend these meetings.  An annual meeting is held in July. An annual budget meeting is held in September. Minutes are posted at the mail box and on our website:

We live in an area with abundant wildlife: elk, bear, deer, mountain lion, raccoons, skunks, and several species of birds such as eagles, finches, magpies, hawks, etc.  Learning to live with these animals and birds can be and often is challenging. The Department of Wildlife has some informative pamphlets.


Dogs who have 24-hour access to the outdoors, possibly via a pet door, are prone to exiting and prolonged barking, particularly at night, at any passing wildlife or unfamiliar humans or vehicles.  Locking pet doors at night and bringing dogs indoors is advised.  Unlocked pet doors invite unwanted night visitors such as skunks and raccoons.

Exterior Lights and Spotlights

Are they shining into your neighbors’ windows?  Are they left on all night?  We in Pine River Ranches like our lack of streetlights and light pollution, which enables us to enjoy the night skies.   Motion sensor lights, while ensuring your security, help to alleviate these problems, as long as the beam of light stays within your property.

Human and/or Pet Food

Food left outside attracts unwanted nighttime visitors, including bears, mountain lions, skunks, and raccoons.

Guest Fishing

Guidelines for when and where guests may fish are clearly outlined in the Guidelines for Fishing in our subdivision.

Considerate Neighbor Practices

You may make some decisions about your property which, although they are within your legal rights, may intrude upon your neighbors’ peace and tranquility without you realizing it.  If you are considering putting an addition on your house, erecting new outbuildings, removing large trees, etc., have a friendly conversation with your neighbors about your plans.  He/she/they may have some concerns about a view being blocked, and/or may have an idea that would meet both of your needs.  Being proactive often avoids future conflicts and maybe your neighbor will offer to help with your project.

Motorized Vehicles

The Pine River Ranches community has some concerns regarding licensed and unlicensed drivers of motorized vehicles on the Association’s privately-owned roads (Ludwig Drive, Pine River Ranch Circle, the Lane, and the Bridge), including, but not limited to, the following:

·        Exceeding the posted 20mph speed;

·        The level of noise and dust generated by these vehicles;

·        Damage to the roads and private property;

·        Endangering wildlife;

·        The danger they pose to walkers, runners, dogs, horses, general traffic, and to themselves.

·        Pulling sleds behind motorized vehicles can be lethal.

Our insurance does not cover any vehicular accident caused by these underage/unlicensed drivers.  The parents are liable for any damage or injury incurred by their children.