2007 Annual Meeting Minutes


The Annual Meeting of the Pine River Ranches Landowners Association, Inc. was held at the Upper Pine River Fire Station, CR 501, Bayfield, CO. The meeting was called to order at 10:15 a.m. by President Jim Clay. Board members present, Chip Burkett, Jim McCain, and Pat LeRoy, were introduced. John Wickman joined the group later while the meeting was in progress. Landowners introduced themselves.

Rich Graeber, Fire Chief, presented several items for discussion:

Defensible space – Association should develop common sense approach to landscaping. He offered
informative pamphlets and the department’s assistance. Missionary Ridge Fire is a fading memory.
Senate Bills 89 and 100 address the need for Associations to have defensible space.

Land Use: Big issue is width of driveways. The Department is reasonable but needs to be able to get in and out quickly. There is no fire code in La Plata County.

Emergency Exit from the Subdivision: The emergency exit access would be the first gate on the left west of the bridge. He asked for the name and phone number of the owner. This is a safety issue.
J. D. Burke, temporary fire prevention chief, discussed these items:

Fire Wise Ambassador Program – a new program with training to establish an ambassador in each
subdivision who would work with the Fire Department. This person would be contact person for
information and supply the residents with updated information.

House number signs – The La Plata County Building Department will make the blue and white number signs while you wait, and they are free. He encourages Associations to contact the Building Department and do all house numbers at one time. House numbers should be placed where the Fire Department can see them quickly and clearly at night.

The Fire Department has a web site – www.upperpinefpd.org – for more information and updates. The
phone number is 884-9508.

There are 41 lots represented by Landowners in attendance and by proxy. The Annual Meeting is official adjourned due to a lack of a quorum. There is a quorum for a regular business meeting. The meeting was called to order.

The minutes from the annual meeting July 8, 2006, were mailed to all landowners, posted on the bulletin board and e-mailed to landowners who had requested them. The minutes were not read at the meeting.

The call for additions or corrections was made. A motion to approve the minutes was made with a
second. Pat Watson clarified that to establish a quorum; the lot count is 89 lots not the 88 mentioned in the minutes. The minutes were approved.

Pat LeRoy, Secretary/ Treasurer, made the following statement: Senate Bills 89 & 100 require that the Association make available for inspection all of the legal documents for Pine River Ranch Landowners Association, Inc., past and current year’s minutes, reports, paid invoices, bank statements, and correspondence. In addition, any Landowner who requests a copy of any information, the board must copy the document and charge a reasonable rate for copying.
Pat LeRoy presented the Treasurer’s Report. Copy is attached. Barb Wickman stated that the expenses for the month were greater than the expenses listed for the year to date expenses. The check issued to Jim Clay (Fish $800) was funded by donations to the Fish Fund. This item was included in the expenses for June but not included in the year to date expenses. Pat LeRoy will provide a 2007 Year to Date Financial Report including both income and expenses. This will be mailed with the 2007 Annual Meeting Minutes  and the letter from the newly elected President. Pat Watson questioned when the line item for fish for the 2007 Budget was approved. Jim Clay explained that during the 2006 Annual Meeting the 2007 budget discussion, the line item Fish/Pond maintenance for $200.00 was explained. To eliminate confusion the Board has chosen to allocate $100.00 to the Fish Fund and $100.00 to Pond Maintenance. These same amounts are included in the proposed 2008 Budget. The 2007 Budget was approved with these two line items. In the past the Treasurer’s Report has been from annual meeting to annual meeting showing totals for work done and income received. The Board is elected for a one year term at the Annual Meeting in July. The fiscal year for the Association runs January 1 to December 31. Senate Bills 89 & 100 require Associations to compile a year end financial statement. This was done for the first time this year. Motion was made that the Association provide a financial statement showing both revenue and expenditures. Motion second. Motion passed unanimously by voice vote. The Association has Quickbooks as its electronic bookkeeping system. Motion to accept the Treasurer Report was made, seconded, and approved by voice vote.

Jim Clay reviewed the Highlights of PRRLA since the last annual meeting. Copy attached. Jim Clay
volunteered to take care of the house number signs. Additionally, Jim Clay gave an update detailing
where the road work now stands. Gravel and hot mix is now available. The new board will take
appropriate action.

With Glen Watson’s input, the Board adopted the following schedule for road work:
Winter – Bring in gravel with good binder to fill potholes on PRRC & Ludwig
Winter – After thaw, bring in grader to re-shape the road and recover material from road edge. Fill
potholes on lane with hot mix when available.
Spring – While grader is in subdivision, bring in gravel and use grader to spread. Use road maintainer as needed.
Fall – If funds are available, bring in grader to re-shape road before winter season. Approximate cost
The proposed budget for 2008 and the remaining expenses for 2007 were discussed. The Board
recommends that $2500.00 be transferred from the Winter Account to the General Account. John Dustin asked if there is any law that would prohibit the transfer of money between the two accounts. The Board has no knowledge of any law. Motion made to transfer $2500.00 from the Winter Account to the General Account. Motion seconded. The paper ballot indicates amount to be $3000.00. Each person voting should change the amount to $2500.00 and initial. Three people volunteered to count the ballots – Nancy Young, Judy Bergman, and Barb Wickman. Vote was unanimous, 44 Yes, 0 No.
There were several sign up sheets for different tasks – filling potholes & road work; fun things (kids
fishing derby, decorating the bridge, fundraising for the fish fund); Senate Bills 89 & 100, dealing with
the bridge; weed, brush, mowing weeds along road, and fire department – something for everyone. Jim McCain suggested that the sign up sheets be placed on the webpage.

John Wickman asked if the Board had considered having a professional service fill the potholes with hot mix. No inquiry had been made.

The Board has contacted BP Amoco expressing its concern regarding the overgrown weeds and dead trees on their lots. The weeds and grasses have been mowed but the dead trees have not been dealt with. They did check the road near the mailboxes for methane but none was found.

Angela Diedrich asked about the warranty on the chip and seal application to the crushed asphalt. The warranty was for a two applications of chip and seal. Only one application was applied. The Board has asked for information regarding how to deal with the potholes.

The Proposed budget for 2008 with an increase up to 15% in the annual assessment was presented to explain the need for the 15% increase for the 2008 Budget and was discussed. John Dustin made the point that the authority to raise the annual assessment up to 20 % was approved last year and has not expired since the annual assessment was not raised. The Board has adopted a “good neighbor” policy to come back to the landowners this year for a 15% increase. The point was made that assessments received from Subd. 1 and the other lots go directly to road/bridge work but not to other Association expenses.

Motion to raise the annual assessment up to 15% if needed was made. Motion seconded. Vote is by paper ballot with the following words added: to give the board the approval to raise the assessment up to 15% if needed and to round up to the next dollar. Motion passed Yes 39, No 6.
The Proposed Budget for 2008 was open for discussion. John Dustin made a motion that the budget be approved as presented. Motion seconded. Discussion followed. Legal fees are an estimate only. The process of rewriting and updating the CC&Rs to comply with the Senate bills will require landowners to devote as much of their time as needed to keep the legal fees as low as possible. Jim Clay shared his thought that mowing along the road side should probably be done twice a year. Therefore that budget item should probably be 800.00. The vote by paper ballot to approve the 2008 Budget passed Yes 42, No 3.

Jim Clay announced that following the meeting there will be a picnic at his home. The Board is providing hamburgers and hot dogs with all the trimmings. Landowners will bring dishes to share and their own drinks. The rest of the afternoon is for socializing.

Judy Clarke had a couple of items for discussion. She had information regarding an offset mower which can be towed by an ATV; cost $2600.00. There are insurance, maintenance, storage, and safety issues.

She suggests that the weed committee think about renting a similar piece of equipment to determine how well it works. Last year a mower and tractor with the ability to raise and lower the mower blade was rented; cost $350.00 By a hand vote, it was agreed that the tall grasses needed to be mowed twice a year.

Judy Clarke’s second item for discussion was to request that the $100.00 in the budget for pond
maintenance be paid to Richard Diedrich for keeping the green area around the pond mowed and
removing the beaver’s winter work. In line with our insurance policy, he would need to submit an invoice for fuel used. Motion was made, seconded, and passed that Richard Diedrich be reimbursed up to $100.00 for fuel expenses and submit fuel receipts.

Angela Diedrich asked if the offset mower could be a donated item to the Association. The same issues of storage, insurance, maintenance, and safety would apply to the donated item.
As stated in the letter from the attorney, 4 CC&Rs need revision/updating, and 8 policies and procedures written. The Board wants to establish a committee of Landowners with at least 3 to 5 members to accomplish this task. A time table for completion is January 1, 2008. The documents will be submitted to the Board for approval. The attorney will review the Board approved documents for language, enforceability, consistency and compliance. The committee will meet 2 hours twice a month at Pat LeRoy’s home. Thanks to these volunteers: Betty Perry, John Dustin, Pat Watson, Judy Clarke, Angela Diedrich, and Pat LeRoy. A time to meet with the Landowners for their input will be scheduled as soon as possible. The meetings will be recorded, transcribed, and posted on the bulletin board, presented to the Board, and posted on the webpage, if appropriate.
Bonnie O’Connor asked for information about the herbicide used to spray the thistles around the pound.

Chip Burkett had contacted the County Extension office for qualified persons. Three Herbicides/Chemicals were used: Milestone VM, Escort, and Activator 90. Cost $350.00

Nominations were accepted for the 2007-2008 Board of Directors. Chip Burkett, John Dustin, Andy
Young, Barb Wickman, and Judy Bergman were nominated. Motion was made by John Dustin to close the nominations. Jim Clay asked to accept this slate of nominees by acclamation. Voice vote was unanimous. Paper ballots were available but not need.

Glen Watson updated the group on the county’s ability to inspect your property for weeds, give you 5
days to comply, and issue fines for those not complying with the noxious weed law. There is a new weed amongst us – jointed goat grass. He mentioned several chemicals which are expensive for large quantities. Pat Watson was able to provide several pamphlets identifying the noxious weeds and information sheets. These were passed out at the meeting. Prairie dogs are now back in force and migrating to other lots.  Andy Young has had a professional deal with the problem on his sister’s lot (cost $600.00) but they are moving back in.

Rodney Scott was not able to obtain any information on availability of crushed asphalt.

The Pick Bar Ranch has been sold.

Judy Clarke shared information that the Bear Creek Bridge on CR 501 will be replaced will construction beginning in October, weather permitting. Projected time is 6 weeks. The detour will impact the entrance/exit to the subdivision.

The Board has requested the owner/builder of a house under construction outside of Subdivision 2 for a $2000.00 donation as a road impact fee. This has not been received to date. The CC&Rs state that upon payment of the annual assessment the roads may be used by those living outside of Subdivision 2. Glen Watson mentioned that Colorado Law states that you can not deny anyone access to their property. John Dustin added that Colorado Law says no landowner has the right to use a private road on a regular basis without contributing to the road maintenance.

Ruben Sanchez mowed the lane last week. John Wickman asked if the board still wanted to do another mowing at this time. This will be addressed by the new board.

Jim Clay reminded everyone to add their name to one of the sign up sheets for volunteer opportunities.

Ken LeRoy expressed Landowners thanks to all members of the present Board and to the newly elected Board.

Meeting adjourned at 1:05 p.m.
Submitted by:
Pat LeRoy, Secretary/Treasurer, July 16, 2007.