Minutes – PRRLOA Board Meeting 9 June 2020



Le Roy Residence – 18 Pine River Ranch Circle, Bayfield, CO 81122

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER – The meeting was called to order by President Jim Clay at 6:37 p.m.

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT – Jim Clay, Chip Burkett, Florian Walchak and Pat Le Roy.  Susan Wells was absent.

GUESTS – Richard Diedrich

APPROVE MINUTES MEETING MAY 13, 2020 – The minutes were emailed to all board members for any additions and/or corrections.  The minutes were posted on the website and at the mailboxes.  Chip Burkett moved that the minutes be approved as presented, second by Florian Walchak.  Vote to approve 4 -0.

TREASURER REPORT – Florian Walchak presented the report.  The balance in the General Account is $37386.06.   Invoices paid $1359.00 (GoDaddy Web Services, insurance and attorney).  The Winter Account balance is $5213.54.  The Reserve Account balance is $8025.19.  Chip Burkett moved that the treasurer report be approved, second by Pat Le Roy.  Vote to approve 4-0.

INVOICES TO BE PAID –  Pat Le Roy $83.00 for stamps and ink cartridge; Jim Clay $2000.00 to reimburse him for fish stocked in the pond and in the river; Desert Mountain $12114.52 for Dust Abatement.  Chip Burkett moved that these invoices be paid, second by Pat Le Roy.  Vote to approve 4-0.  CRG has not submitted an invoice for road work and gravel.  The cost is approximately $7500.00 for road work.  Gravel will be an added expense.  No ditch work was done this year.

2020 ANNUAL ASSESSMENT – To date $33130.00 has been collected.

LIENS TO BE FILED – Two liens will be filed for non-payment of the 2020 annual assessment.

REVIEW CURRENT LIEN STATUS – Liens will be filed for additional year’s interest and other fees.

TRANSFER FUNDS TO RESERVE ACCOUNT – Chip Burkett moved that $4000.00, per the 2020 Budget, be transferred to the Reserve Account, second by Pat Le Roy.  Vote to approve 4-0.



 Chip Burkett reported that all went well and that the end result was very good.

 Gravel was applied where needed.  In addition, a load of gravel was spread on Richards Drive     just past the second driveway.


POINT OF CONTACT PERSON – The selection of a point of contact person (POC) was discussed by email after a meeting with J. D. Burke, Fire Dept.  Chip Burkett nominated Florian Walchak to be the Association’s POC for the Bridge project.  Second by Pat Le Roy.  Vote to approve 4-0. 

LINE OF CREDIT – No update at this time.  Florian Walchak is the POC with the bank.

SPECIAL ASSESSMENT FOR THE BRIDGE REPLACEMENT – No final cost at this time.  At this time, it looks like the final cost will not be known by the Annual Meeting.

GENERAL CHECKING ACCOUNT – The account has been changed to a business account and a minimum balance of $5000.00 must be maintained.

AED & EMERGENCY EXIT –  Richard Diedrich reported on both subjects.  The AED will cost approximately $3000.00 for two devices.  This will be discussed at the annual meeting to see if there is interest in doing this.  The Emergency Exit is going slowly.  Richard Diedrich may talk with LPEA for an easement under the power lines for an emergency exit.  The Board agreed that Richard Diedrich could get bids for grading part of the road from upper Ludwig Drive near Subd. #1

FIRE MITIGATION –  A group of energetic landowners have done mitigation along the asphalt lane and Ludwig Drive.  That group includes:  Duane and Tammy Nelson, Jeremy and Alisha Luman, Richard and Angela Diedrich, Chip Burkett, Ken Le Roy, Jim Clay, Steve Harris and Mike and Jolene Arnall.  Granville Conway has made many trips to the dump to clear the lot of debris since the piles can not be burned at this time.  Going forward, any tree trimmings will be loaded onto a trailer and taken directly to the dump.  Thanks to all for your hard work.

POND – Richard Diedrich reported that the pond again has some leakage.  He and his son dumped rocks into the leakage area and there is less leakage at this time.  Jim Clay was able to add some rocks to the area.


ROAD AND BRIDGE OWNERSHIP – New Age Corporation years ago established easements for the roads in Pine River Ranches Subdivision #2.  There is no documentation regarding the ownership of the bridge.  New Age Corp. is no longer in business.  The attorney has recommended that we go forward and establish the Association as the owners.  FEMA is asking for this documentation and that the old bridge may be removed and hauled off.  Florian Walchak moved that the attorney be contacted and to move forward with legal action to establish ownership, second by Chip Burkett.  Vote to approve 4-0.  Florian Walchak as POC will contact the attorney.

WEED MITIGATION – Chip Burkett and Aaron Easely walked around the pond and agreed that the applications over the last two years have been effective and that after another application next year,  spot spraying would be possible.  The mitigation along the roads has also been effective and spot spraying next year may be possible.  They will walk Lots 82 and 89 to determine the weed problems on these lots.  Chip Burkett moved that we accept the bid of $1500.00 (less that last year), second by Pat Le Roy.  Vote to approve 4-0.  The spraying will take place some time during the week of June 16th.

ANNUAL MEETING INFORMATION – The letter from the president, Draft of the 2021 Proposed Budget, proxy and agenda will be ready for mailing/emailing by June 20, 2020.  The meeting will be at the Clays on July 11, 2020 at 10:00 a.m.   Social distancing and masks will be recommended the same as at the Special Meeting in May.   There will be no potluck after the meeting.

MEETING ADJOURNED – Chip Burkett moved that the meeting be adjourned, second by Florian Walchak.  Vote to adjourn 4-0.  Meeting adjourned at 8.36 p.m.

These minutes were approved by a vote of _______________on ___________________.


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