Minutes – PRRLOA Board Meeting 7 July 2020



LeRoy residence – 18 Pine River Ranch Circle, Bayfield, CO 81122

The meeting was called to order by President Jim Clay at 6:35 p.m.

Board of Directors present – Jim Clay, Florian Walchak, Chip Burkett and Pat Le Roy.  Susan Wells joined the meeting at 7:00 p.m..

Guests – There were no guests.

MINUTES JUNE 9, 2020 – The minutes were emailed to all board members for any additions and/or corrections.  After the corrections were made, the minutes again were emailed to the board members for approval.  The minutes were posted at the mailboxes and on the website.  Chip Burkett moved that the minutes be approved as corrected, second by Florian Walchak.  Vote to approve was 4-0.

TREASURER REPORT – Florian Walchak presented the Treasurer report.  The bank statements for June have not arrived and the accounts have not been reconciled.  The balance in the General Account is $24348.54.   June’s expense totaled $14197.52 (dust abatement, fish fund, administrative expenses).  The Winter Account is $5213.54.  The Reserve Account balance is $12025.19.  $4000.00 was transferred to the Reserve Account in June.  Chip Burkett moved that the treasurer report be approved, second by Pat Le Roy.  Vote to approve 5-0.

INVOICES TO BE PAID – CRG – $9190.00 road work and gravel; Click’s $200.00 to remove log jam from the bridge; Horizon Environmental Co. $1500.00 weed mitigation at pond and roadside.

2020 ANNUAL ASSESSMENT – $33480.00 has been collected to date.  One lot has not paid. One Alpha lot has made a partial payment.

REVIEW CURRENT LIEN STATUS – Two new liens were filed bringing the total amount of the liens to $4468.48.

FISH FUND – $210.00 was donated to the fish fund bringing the carryover total for 2020 to $785.00.


              BRIDGE REPLACEMENT UPDATE – No update at this time.  J. D. Burke will be attending the meeting on Saturday.

              ATTORNEY RESPONSE – The roads and bridge are owned by New Age Corp.  The attorney’s opinion is that the Association has the right to remove and replace the bridge as part of its general authority to maintain and repair the roads.  Florian Walchak will ask the attorney to prepare a written statement to hopefully satisfy FEMA.

              LOTS 82 & 89 WELL CAPPING – Florian Walchak will continue to attempt to contact BP representatives regarding capping the wells and the past due assessment on one lot.

              LINE OF CREDIT – Copies of the deeds to lots 82 & 89 were given to the bank. 

              SPECIAL ASSESSMENT – No final cost for the bridge at this point.

AED & EMERGENCY EXIT – A full update will be given at the annual meeting.

FINALIZE PLANS FOR ANNUAL MEETING – All items needed were discussed with different members volunteering to complete the tasks.  Social distancing and masks are required.


              MOWING – Jim Clay will make arrangements for the tractor and mower with different members volunteering to help with the mowing.

              BRIDGE DAMAGE – Some damage was done to the treads when a landowner had heavy equipment and dump trucks loaded with large rocks crossing the bridge.  The landowner has been contacted and has agreed to fix the damage.  Jim Clay will draft a letter recapping what happened and what the Association is expecting in repairs.


              BEAR SMART – Karen Goicoechea asked if she could invite a representative from Bear Smart to speak at the meeting regarding Bears and Trash.  This will take place at the end of the meeting after the vote to elect new Board of Directors.

              DESIGN COMMITTEE – Susan Wells reported that the committee is having some difficulty with recently submitted plans regarding exterior finishes specifically smooth metallic siding.  There are many buildings in the subdivision that have used metal siding.  The committee is concerned about how to address this issue.  After some discussion, Pat Le Roy moved that Florian Walchak ask the attorney how enforceable the Design guidelines are, second by Susan Wells.  Vote to approve was 4 yes 1 abstained.

              HIGH WEEDS AND DRY PASTURE GRASSES – A landowner contacted Jim Clay voicing concern over the weeds and dry grasses in a neighboring lot as a fire hazard.  He suggested that this is a “neighbor to neighbor” situation and the concerned landowner directly contact the other landowner, who was in town, and share her concerns about the fire hazard.

DATE FOR NEXT MEETING – A transition meeting for the new Board of Directors will take place within two weeks of the annual meeting when all are able to meet.

MEETING ADJOURNED- Chip Burkett moved that the meeting be adjourned, second by Susan Wells.  Meeting adjourned at 8:05 p.m.

These minutes were approved by a vote of ________________on_______________.



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