Minutes – PRRLOA Board Meeting – 16 September 2020



WALCHAK RESIDENCE, 726 Pine River Ranch Circle, Bayfield, CO  81122

The meeting was called to order by President, Chip Burkett at 6:32 P.M.

Board of Directors present: Chip Burkett, Florian Walchak, Jeanie Widner

Guest: John Dustin

MINUTES OF AUGUST 11, 2020 – Florian moved the minutes be approved.  Jeanie seconded.  Vote to

approve 3-0.

TREASURER’S REPORT – Florian presented the treasurers’ report. 

GENERAL ACCOUNT has a balance of $10,045.63. 

WINTER ACCOUNT balance is $4,814.79. 

RESERVE ACCOUNT balance is $12,028.16. 

BP has paid the annual assessment for their lot – $172.00 and a partial lien payment from LOT 20 was received for $643.65.  Lot 87 still has a lien pending. 


$275.00 to Law Firm, $518.50 to Jim Clay for tractor/mower rental; and fuel, $166.00 to Florian Walchak for stamps and P.O. Box rental.  Florian moved to approve payment, Jeanie seconded.  Vote approved 3-0.  Florian moved the treasurers’ report be approved, Jeanie seconded.  Vote passed 3-0.

DESIGN COMMITTEE –Larry Job is building now.  There is no other building going on right now.


AED COMMITTEE – Richard Diedrich sent an e-mail to Chip.  He is still talking with people about the cost and details of deployment.  John Dustin recommended we keep the funds private, with individual donations, like the fish fund is handled.


              BRIDGE REPLACEMENT UPDATE – Florian is still in the process of figuring out financing with the bank.  The bank will start appraisals of the three Subdivision properties, which can be put up as collateral for the construction loan.  We still need to provide a couple of documents for the bank, in order to fund the required studies. Goff Engineering will do the Hydrology and Hydraulic study, as well as determining exact bridge placement.  Studies are to start next week and we will need $14,500 for the studies.  In the absence of bank or agency financing, Jim Clay has offered to loan the association the money at 3% interest.  Besides the bank Line of Credit loan, we are checking with the USDA to see if they would consider a loan.  They would require collateral on a 40 year loan at2.255, which could be either lots or possibly the bridge itself.  Our options are to accept the loan from Jim Clay or wait to hear from commercial funding sources.  Florian moved we accept Jim Clay’s offer for a loan in order to go ahead and pay for the studies needed. Jeanie seconded and vote was approved 3-0.  Florian will get the appropriate paperwork started with Jim Clay as a contingency if commercial loan options are not available in a timely fashion.

              BRIDGE OWNERSHIP – FEMA has requested a document that more clearly defines Association ownership of the existing bridge.  The original owner was the New Age Corporation and they are non-existent now.  Joe Ford is the only surviving partner.  John Dustin knows Joe, and will try to get Joe to put something in writing that states that the bridge is owned by the Association.

              LOTS 82 & 89 – We are still waiting to hear that the wells have been capped.  John Dustin expressed his opinion that the lots should be sold to help pay for the bridge and/or to give the association a larger reserve account for future needs.  Chip said that this is something to be determined by the membership in the future.

              2021 ROAD MAINTENANCE FEES – Florian presented and presented a detailed breakdown of costs related to road maintenance.  The costs for road related items is approximately 95% of the current annual dues.

              BANK SIGNATURE CARDS – Florian has the final papers ready.

              IMPACT FEES – Larry Job has paid his impact fee.


              SNOW REMOVAL – Ridge Line submitted a proposal and rate sheet for snow removal services. Rates were at/or slightly higher than Neil’s Excavation. Concern was raised regarding response times and an “unknown entity”.  There was discussion and Florian moved we stay with Neil’s this winter.  Jeanie seconded.  Voted passed 3-0.

              BUDGET MEETING LOCATION – Date for the meeting is Saturday, October 3, 2020 and due to COVID, the library will not be available.  Jeanie suggested we check with some area churches and see about their fellowship halls.  Pine River Church and Vallecito church were mentioned.  Jeanie will contact the pastor Kujath of the Pine River Church and ask him.  (After the meeting, it was mentioned that the Vallecito Church has a big tent erected outside their building and it was determined that would be a better option, so Jeanie will request use from their pastor.

              VIOLATION OF SUBDIVISION CC&R’s – John Dustin expressed concern over a resident who continues to violate the subdivision CC&R’s and reminded this board that the previous board had voted to impose sanctions but he was wondering if the notice was ever sent to the resident in violation.  He would like to know the status of this situation.   Florian said we would need to check with the past secretary, Pat LeRoy to see where we stand.  We will do that.  Chip mentioned that he is working on a NOTICE OF VIOLATION letter, which can be prepared and sent to residents who are violating the CC&R’s, By-laws, Policies and Procedures or the Good Neighbor recommendations.  He had a sample for us to preview.

DATE FOR NEXT BOARD MEETING – Tuesday, October 6, 2020 at 6:30 P.M. at Florian’s home.

MEETING ADJOURNED – Florian moved to adjourn and Jeanie seconded at 7:45 P.M.  Approved 3-0

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