Minutes – PRRLOA Annual Meeting 11 July 2020


ANNUAL MEETING – JULY 11, 2020 – 10:00 a.m.

CLAYS RESIDENCE 580 Pine River Ranch Circle, Bayfield, CO 81122

The Meeting was called to order by President Jim Clay at 10:15 a.m.  He welcomed all in attendance while Barb Wickman and Duane Nelson verified the proxies and the number of attendees.  A quorum of landowners had signed in – 30 in person, 8 by proxy.  New landowners introduced themselves.

Guest – J. D. Burke, Upper Pine Fire Dept., bridge project manager

APPROVE MINUTES FROM THE JULY 20, 2019 ANNUAL MEETING – John Dustin moved that the minutes be approved, second by Richard Diedrich.  Vote to approve was unanimous.

APPROVE MINUTES FROM THE SPECIAL MEETING OCTOBER 12, 2019 – John Dustin moved that the minutes be approved, second by Chip Burkett.  Vote to approve was unanimous.

APPROVE MINUTES FROM THE SPECIAL MEETING MAY 12, 2020 – Chip Burkett moved that the minutes be approved, second by O. D. Perry.  Vote to approve was unanimous.

TREASURER REPORT – Florian Walchak presented the Treasurer report.  He provided a print out of the 2020 Budget vs. Actual Expenses.  There was a larger carry over from 2019 – $10872.71 vs. $8000.00.  The report in full is attached to these minutes for all to review.  An invoice for $1500.00 for weed mitigation has been received but not paid.  That amount will be added to the expenses YTD.

2020 ANNUAL ASSESSMENT COLLECTED – YTD $ 33480.00.  An invoice for lot S2-01 has not been paid and may have been overlooked.  A follow up notice will be sent.

NEW LIENS FILED – Two new liens have been filed for unpaid 2020 Annual Assessments.

STATUS OF OTHER LIENS – There has been no change to the liens filed on two different lots.  Additional years interest and fees have been filed.

Barb Wickman moved that the Treasurer report be approved as presented, second by Chip Burkett.  The vote to approve the report was unanimous.


DUST ABATEMENT –  Jim Clay thanked Chip Burkett  for taking the lead on this project.  Chip Burkett reported that the dust abatement product DP50 was applied earlier in the year.  Road grading was done and several loads of gravel were added.  Overall, he reported that the end product was good and most landowners did try to limit their driving on the newly applied DP 50.  Barb Wickman commented that the application was a great job and the roads are in the best shape she has seen in the 20 years she has lived in the subdivision.

WEED MITIGATION – Mitigation began 3 years ago with a yearly application each year at the pond and along the roadside.  Next year’s application will be a spot application alongside the roads. The pond will probably need one more full application and then move to a spot only application the following year.  Jim Clay had talked with the County Extension office.   The Association may be able to recoup 50% of the cost of the material.  Landowners should seek permission first and then may apply for reimbursement up to 50%.

Shirleen Hendrix thanked all who have been trimming and removing trees and debris from the lane.  Granville Conway has taken many truckloads of tree trimmings and debris to the dump. 

Chip Burkett stated that landowners can take tree trimmings to the transfer station at a cost of $2 a load.

Betty Perry thanked all for removing the debris from the lot across from her residence.

Jim Clay encouraged all landowners to do fire mitigation on their property.


J. D. BURKE, Bridge replacement project manager provided the following updates:

No funds have been released by FEMA

Next week bids will go out for an environmental study and an archeological study.  In his opinion neither study is a big deal and should be a quick turnaround.  The cost will be paid by the Association and be a charge back to the grant later.  

Mr. Burke and Florian will work on the bridge design after the studies have been received.  FEMA will issue the funds.  Mr. Burke’s time will be paid by the Fire Dept.

Hopefully in September the bridge design will be presented to the Association.  The Special Assessment will be determined when the costs are finalized.  A wish list item is to have a chase for utilities located on the bridge.

Construction will follow soon after.

Any landowner concerns should be presented to J. D. Burke or Florian Walchak.

The Association members will be able to track expenses  by checking for updates at the mailboxes.

NEW BUSINESS –AUTOMATIC EXTERNAL DEFIBRILLIATOR (AED) –  Richard Diedrich presented an overview of the AED.  When used in conjunction with CPR within the first 3 minutes of a cardiac event, the survival rate is 70%.  If 911 is called and the ambulance arrives up to 10 minutes later the survival rate is 30%.  He demonstrated how easy the device is to use.  Open the lid to the device and follow the instructions.  A network of trained landowners would be needed to properly supply the manpower to make the device practical for the subdivision.  When a call is placed to 911 an automatic alert goes to the person in charge of the device and he immediately goes to the aid of the person in crisis.   Heart Safe will train the persons needed and the cost of the device may be reduced to about $1400.00.  Heart Safe conduct a review of the subdivision and recommends that two devices be purchased and placed at the north and south ends of the subdivision.  Regardless of age, cardiac events may happen to the healthiest residents as well as those in the older age group with underlying health issues.

Several questions were asked:

Where would it be located?  If stored outside how would cold weather affect the device?

Is the cost worth the money to the Association to maintain and train personnel to use the device vs. the advantages?

There will be more discussion and information at the Budget meeting.

Comment from landowner – It took nearly 20 minutes for the EMTS to respond to her 911 call.  They were on another call.

At $34.00 per lot, two devices are affordable.  The cost is included in the 2021 proposed budget with no increase in assessments to cover the cost.

A show of hands indicate that most want it in the budget.

Two landowners indicate that they may personally purchase an AED.


Duane Nelson provided these updates on the emergency exit.

The exploratory group of hikers located a 4-wheel road across the valley west of Paul Mahaney’s property.  Road has an 80ft elevation climb and then flattens out.  Larry Lange owns this property and has indicated an interest in using the road as an evacuation route to the east and south if a fire is located west/north of CR 5 near his property.  A bid to grade the road so it is passable for a car with a low profile and 2-wheel drive, is about $10,000.00.  This future project is in the planning stage and is not something that will be done for at least a year or more.  A search for a grant to offset the cost is a consideration.


A crew of landowners have mitigated the roadsides along the asphalt lane.  Not able to burn the debris, several landowners have hauled truck and trailer loads of debris to the transfer station.   Future projects include working on Ludwig Drive from the Y to the bridge; create good sight lines near the pond; trim trees so 16 ft. tall vehicle can pass without scraping its top or sides; clean fire safe space on lot 89.  Work days will be scheduled and volunteers may contact Duane Nelson.

Duane Nelson is extensive experience in fire fighting and mitigation and has volunteered to assess lots at the request of the landowner.


Duane Nelson is a coordinator with the Upper Pine River Fire Department and the San Juan Basin Health Department and all receive updates daily.  La Plata county is a bit more dangerous as cases have increased with the influx of tourists.  Cases have doubled since May 22nd ,  77 cases, to 144 cases this week.  He will send an email to all the landowners who are listed on the email list asking if you want to be included on updates.  Call Duane Nelson at 707 290 4679 for more information.


Jim Clay led the discussion.  Once the bridge is in place, an assessment can be made regarding whether the lots are sellable.  The Association would pay capital gains taxes on those lots if sold.

Other comments:

Turn one or both lots into a park like setting for fishing, having a picnic, safe area to dock rafts.

Sell one lot, keep the other.

John Dustin stated current county laws require 3 acres for a lot size.  This would need to be confirmed before considering selling one or both lots.

Who would do the maintenance if the lots became common space?  It would be maintained much like the pond with volunteer labor and weed mitigation if needed.

All agreed it is best to consider all options once the bridge is completed.


Florian Walchak reviewed the draft of the 2021 proposed budget explaining that within 90 days of today’s meeting a Special Budget Meeting will be held to finalize the budget.  There is no increase in assessments for 2021.  Weed mitigation will cost less to maintain the pond and roadsides.  Snow removal budget item is less than usual as the Winter Account has ample carryover funds.  Line of Credit item is to cover cash flow as the Association’s portion requires payment and other associated loan items as needed.  There were no questions.


Barb Wickman voiced her concern about the amount of non-resident traffic through the subdivision.  Question – should the association consider a security gate?

There are bears in the area and at least 12 residents have seen them roaming around, getting into trash.  Please keep trash inside until trash day.  Tuck Bonham stated that Waste Management sells a bear proof trash container for $75.00.


Jim Clay and Pat Le Roy have decided that after nearly 15 years of service, it is time for them to step down.  Current board members Florian Walchak, Chip Burkett and Susan Wells have elected to stay on the board if nominated.  Jeannie Widner nominated Florian Walchak, Chip Burkett and Susan Wells to serve on the Board of Directors, second by Dylan Ozier.  Jeremy Luman volunteered to be on the board, second by Tammy Nelson.  Jeannie Widner volunteered to be on the board, second by Shelley Walchak.  Others were asked if they would serve on the Board this year, but all declined.  John Dustin moved that nominations be closed, second by Dylan Ozier.  Vote to close nominations was unanimous.  Duane Nelson moved that this slate of nominees:  Florian Walchak, Chip Burkett, Susan Wells, Jeremy Luman and Jeannie Widner be elected as the new Board of Directors, second by Chip Burkett.  Vote to approve was unanimous.  The transition meeting will be held within two weeks at Pat Le Roy’s residence with Jim Clay presiding at the meeting.

Barb Wickman thanked the Clays for their years of hospitality hosting the Annual Meeting.

Jim Clay thanked all for attending the meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at ll:40 a.m.

These minutes were approved by a vote of ____________on ______________.


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