AED Information

There are presently 2 AEDS (heart defibrillators) in the neighborhood.  They will be in the custody of a team comprised of CPR/AED certified neighborhood residents on a rotating basis.  They are trained to respond quicker than emergency services and provide heart support when these services are not immediately available.  If an emergency happens the persons witnessing it will call emergency dispatch (911).  When dispatch receives the call, the persons with the AEDS will simultaneously be notified.  These individuals can address these events, in most instances in less time than would be the case with an ambulance.  After emergency services arrive there could be a highly coordinated transfer of the patient to their care.  The caller need not worry about calling the neighborhood certified team.  This will be done with a special application from dispatch.  All interventions will be held confidential unless otherwise designated by the patient or responsible person.  For special concerns or questions you may call 970 884 4831.