9/5/2017 Board Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by President Jim Clay.

Board members present:  Jim Clay, John Dustin, Waterman Ormsby III, Rob Mc Laughlin, and Pat Le Roy.

Guests present:  Terri Bonham, Richard Diedrich, and Granville Conway.

Design Committee:  Jim Clay explained the function of the design committee is to review all plans submitted for construction to insure that the plans meet the requirements regarding square footage, setbacks, roof and siding materials, and colors for exterior walls and trim.  Terri Bonham volunteered to serve a 3 year term on the committee and Granville Conway a 2 year term.  An additional committee member will be sought to fill a 1 year term.  Jim Clay offered to serve on the committee until the remaining spot is filled.  John Dustin moved that the committee be formed with these members to do their job as instructed, second by Waterman Ormsby III.  Vote to approve was unanimous.  Several names were mentioned and Pat Le Roy will contact them.

Tawnya Jacobson had emailed plans for a garage.   Jim Clay briefly reviewed plans from The Walchaks to do an addition on their property.  Final plans will be finished probably tomorrow.  These plans were handed over to Terri Bonham and Granville Conway for their review and recommendations.

John Dustin stated that the August 1, 2017 monthly meeting minutes had been emailed to all board members for additions and/or corrections. Minor corrections were made for clarity.  Once the board had reviewed the corrected minutes they were posted at the mailboxes and on the website.  John Dustin moved that the minutes be approved as corrected, second by Waterman Ormsby III.  Vote to approve was unanimous.

Pat Le Roy presented the Treasurer Report.  Winter Account balance is $4510.19.  General Account balance is $21241.96.  Checks were written to Nancy Young, website maintenance $125.86;  Pat Le Roy, administrative expenses $157.20; A J Road Co., asphalt road crack filling $4526.25; Angie Pommier, refund for overpayment of impact fee $1920.00;  Deposits received:  2017 Annual Assessments $1031.00; Pommier Impact Fee $3240.00.  John Dustin moved that the Treasurer report be approved as presented, second by Rob McLaughlin.  Vote to approve was unanimous.

Pat Le Roy presented three invoices for payment:  Jim Clay fuel for mowing tractor $24.85; Pat Le Roy administrative expenses – stamps, copy card, P. O. Box Rental, faxes to title companies for pending property sales – $158.00; SWAG for tractor for mowing $524.40.  John Dustin moved that these invoices be approved for payment, second by Waterman Romsey, III.  Vote to approve was unanimous.

2017 Annual Assessment – 7 assessments remain unpaid for a total of $2096.00.


CC&R Committee:  Pat Le Roy will contact the members of the committee regarding serving another term to update CC&Rs and Bylaws.

Asphalt Road – Crack Filling:  John Dustin reported that the work was done well and after a slow start due to weather, the crew worked on the weekend to finish the job.

Violations:  Jim Clay will draft a letter regarding the inadequate covering on the debris pile.  The letter will be circulated amongst the other board members for their input.  A final draft will be approved and signed by the board prior to mailing.  A letter will drafted regarding the numerous liens filed against one property for nonpayment of annual assessments and special assessment.

Internet:  Mark Gigliotti has talked with a landowner regarding the possibility of installing a tower on the property.

Mowing:   Jim Clay and John Dustin shared time on the tractor mowing the tall grasses and trimming back tree branches hanging over or near the road.  Mowing along the asphalt road has revealed some areas along the shoulders with sharp drop-offs.  The Board discussed the need to add rocks/gravel in these areas as a safety measure.  Jim Clay will see if he can obtain rock fill from a neighbor when construction begins on that property.


Bridge information – Richard Diedrich:  The grant application is due November 15, 2017.  We (The Association) are working as a minor partner to the Upper Pine River Fire Department who are applying for A Pre-disaster Mitigation Funding opportunity through FEMA.  Since the bridge is aging, only one lane, and has some safety issues with the treads, the emergency access and exit are compromised.  Chief Evans and his grant writer are far along in the application process. We have provided an estimate of bridge costs through several agencies and construction companies.  The bridge would be two lanes and be constructed with steel and concrete.  If awarded, the funding would cover 75% of the bridge cost.  At the present time the estimated cost after funding would be about $100,000.00.  Various financing options have been discussed.  At least one bank will lend at a low interest for quite a few years.  This would allow landowners to budget without significant increases in the yearly assessments.  Lack of an emergency exit other than the bridge is of great concern to Fire Chief Evans.  Plans to still allow exit during construction, if the grant is awarded, have been solved.  Chief Evans will likely discuss this process and answer questions from concerned landowners at the Budget Meeting in October.

2018 Budget review:  Pat Le Roy presented the Proposed 2018 Budget for review.  A bid for chip and seal was obtained.  The estimate is priced at 2017 prices.  If there is an increase in price for the chip and seal in 2018 that increase will be passed along to the Association.  The bid was increased to $28000.00 in anticipation of an increase and for budgeting purposes.  The best time for application is as early in spring as weather permits.  Pat Le Roy will email a draft of the Proposed 2018 Budget to all board member for their review before mailing/emailing to all Association members.

2018 Budget Meeting:  The Budget Meeting is set for Saturday, October 7, 2017, 10:00 a.m.  Jim Clay will contact the Bayfield Library to request a meeting room.  A proxy, agenda, 2018 Budget, 2019 Budget worksheet, and a cover letter will sent to all members.  Jim Clay will not be attending the meeting therefore John Dustin will conduct the meeting.  In addition, Chief Evans, Upper Pine River Fire Dept., will be asked to attend the meeting to discuss the bridge.

Upper Ludwig Dr. Culvert:  John Dustin saw that the drainage area was filled with debris up to the bottom of the culvert.  He removed the debris from that area.  He noticed that other culverts needed to be cleared this year.  John Dustin, Jim Clay, and Waterman Ormsby volunteered to clean those ditches/culverts using a tractor and shovel.  In addition, Pat Le Roy mentioned that she thought the Y at Ludwig Drive and PRRC is unsafe when drivers cut the corner where the dirt has eroded the shoulder of the road.  After discussion, Jim Clay will price the cost of adding a short section of culvert and a collar to attach the existing culvert to the new section of culvert.  The area would then be reinforced with rocky fill.

Pond Fence:  It appears that the fence is 30 feet over the Womer’s property line and intruding on the HOA pond property.  The new owner of lot 11 has had the corner newly staked.

Fall Grading:  The road from the bridge to the intersection of Ludwig Drive and PRRC has held up well since the dust abatement was applied.  The major holes and rutting was caused the day of the application.  It is the Board’s opinion that grading is not needed at this time.

Snow Removal:  Neil’s had sent an email but did not attach the contract with this year’s pricing.  Pat Le Roy will call to have both items emailed to her.

Next Meeting:  October 3, 2017

Rob McLaughlin moved that the meeting be adjourned, second by Waterman Ormsby III.  Vote to adjourn was unanimous.  The regular meeting was adjourned at 9:15 p.m.

Rob McLaughlin left the meeting at this point while the remaining Board members met in closed session to discuss the lawsuit.  Angie Pommier did not attend this meeting.


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