8/1/2017 Board Minutes

The meeting was called to order by President Jim Clay at 7:05 p.m.

Board members present:  Jim Clay, John Dustin, Waterman Ormsby lll, Pat Le Roy, Rob Mc Laughlin.  Angie Pommier was not present.

Guest:  Richard Diedrich

John Dustin reported that the July 11, 2017 monthly meeting minutes were emailed to all board members for additions and/or corrections.  After a few minor corrections were made, the minutes were posted at the mailboxes and on the website.  John Dustin moved that the minutes be approved as corrected, second by Rob Mc Laughlin.  Vote to approve was unanimous.

Pat Le Roy reported that the bank statement had not arrived prior to the meeting so there is no reconciliation report.  Two checks for the 2017 Annual Assessment were received totaling $680.00.  Invoices paid:  Goldman, Robinson, Nicholson, and Mack $675.00 for legal fees CC&R review committee; Supplies to install mailboxes, John Dustin $18.85. John Dustin moved that the Treasurer report be approved, second by Waterman Ormsby lll.  Vote to approve was unanimous.

Pat Le Roy presented two invoices for payment:  Nancy Young $125.86;  Pat Le Roy $78.94 for food for the Annual Meeting, $78.26 for Administrative Expenses for a total of $157.20.  John Dustin moved that these invoices be approved for payment, second by Rob Mc Laughlin. Vote to approve payment was unanimous.  The balance in the General Account after these invoices are paid is $24369.57.

There are 9 unpaid 2017 Annual Assessments.  The Board will seek the attorney’s advice regard how to handle  these unpaid assessments.  Ms. Nicholson is not available until mid August.


CC&R Committee:  Pat Le Roy emailed the attorney’s approved changes to Chip Burkett.  With additional work to be done on the documentsin the future, the committee will be contacted at a later date.

ASPHALT ROAD:  Jim Clay had contacted Four Corners for an updated estimate for chip and seal to be used for budget purposes.  That has not been received and Jim will contact them again.

A new bid from A. J. Road Company was received.  The Board reviewed the bid and after discussion John Dustin moved that the Board accept the bid regarding the crack filling only, second by Rob Mc Laughlin.  Vote to approve was unanimous.  Rob Mc Laughlin moved that the Board purchase one load of gravel to be spread around the mailboxes, second by Waterman Ormsby lll.  Vote to approve was unanimous.  Board members with tractors will use their own equipment to spread the gravel.

MAILBOXES – There has been no response from the Post Office regarding the locks and keys.  Pat Le Roy will contact the postmaster.  Several lots  have been sold recently and there will be a need for the mailboxes. Clay reported that two properties are under contract:  Don Schwatken’s home and Scott McCrillis’ unimproved lot.

VIOLATIONS:  A letter will be mailed to Shane and Annette French with an offer to help secure the tarps covering the debris piles with river rocks from the neighborhood.  John Dustin will draft the letter and email to all board members for input.

INTERNET UPDATE:  No new information.

DESIGN COMMITTEE:  Terri Bonham and A. J. Boyle have expressed their interest regarding the committee.  Granville Conway is thinking about it.  They will be invited to attend the next board meeting to go over their responsibilites as committee members.

MOWING:  Jim Clay had contacted SWAG.  A large tractor and mowing equipment is $500.00 for 24 hours rental.  Angie Pommier had contacted Grasshoppers.  Their price is $110.00 per hour for two men with a minimum of 2 hours;  $120.00 for a bush hog with a minimum of 2 hours.  After discussing the two bids, John Dustin moved that the board rent the tractor/mowing equipment for $500.00, second by Rob Mc Laughlin.  Vote to approve was unanimous.  Jim Clay, John Dustin, and Rob Mc Laughlin will operate the tractor.  The Board will seek volunteers to help weed whack the areas that can not be mowed.


TRANSITION OF BOARD MEMBERS:  Jim Clay asked each board member if they were willing to continue to serve in their previous positions.  John Dustin asked if Jim Clay if he was willing to continue to serve as President.  All answered Yes.  Rob Mc Laughlin moved to reappoint the current officers to the same position for another year: Jim Clay President, John Dustin Vice President, and Pat Le Roy as Treasurer.  Waterman Ormsby lll seconded the motion.  Vote to approve was unanimous.  Rob Mc Laughlin and Waterman Ormsby lll will serve as members at large.

BRIDGE INFORMATION:  Richard Diedrich has done some research regarding developing a plan using available grant money to repair or replace the bridge.  He has talked with county commissioners and other county officials. Grant money is usually not available for private bridges within subdivisions.  There are currently only two banks who will finance the costs of replacing the bridge. The discussion moved to the possibility of trying to get Ludwig Drive from 501 to the bridge as a dedicated county road.  Jim Clay had looked at this possiblility 7-8 years ago, but there was not enough traffic volume to qualify.   Also the road was not up to count standard at that time. The Board agrees that more information is needed and thanked Richard for his report and bringing his findings to the attention of the board.  Rob Mc Laughlin offerred to help Richard with this process.

Pat Le Roy will make the last Bridge inspection from Goff Engineers available to the Board members.  Waterman Ormsby lll will contact BP to obtain a copy of the work they did on the bridge several years ago to access their property on the west side of the river.

BUDGET 2018:  The Budget will be addressed at the next board meeting with a final budget ready by no later than October 1, 2017.  A Budget approval membership meeting is tenatively set for October 13, 2017.  The site for the meeting has not been decided.  The mailing will include a letter from the Board, agenda, 2018 Proposed Budget and proxy.

2017 ANNUAL MEETING MINUTES:  Pat Le Roy emailed the minutes to the Board members for additions and/or corrections.  Once reviewed by the board, the minutes will be mailed/emailed to the members.  The minutes will be presented at the 2018 Annual Meeting for the membership to vote on.  A letter may be sent letter updating expenses, the asphalt road work, the board members, and other information as needed.  Pat Le Roy will draft a letter for Jim Clay’s approval.

NEXT MEETING DATES:  September 5, 2017; September 26, 2017;  October 3, 2017.

John Dustin moved that the meeting be adjourned, second by Rob Mc Laughlin.  Vote to adjourn was unanimous.  Meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m.

These minutes were approved on ________________ by a vote of _________.



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