1/20/2010 Board Minutes

Pine River Ranches Landowners’ Association Board Meeting

January 20, 2009

Approved Secretary Minutes



The meeting was called to order at 7:12 pm. Board members present were Jim Clay, Richard Diedrich, Carla Tanner and Mike Walcher.   No other members were present.


The minutes from the December 16, 2009 Board meeting were read.  A motion was made, seconded and approved to accept the December 16, 2009 minutes as submitted.


Treasurers Report:  Carla deposited $1,900.00 in assessments in December.  There is $3,556.78 in the general account and $2,445.75 in the winter account.  She deposited $8,040.00 in assessments today that are not reflected in those balances.  The board approved moving $5,000 from the general account into the winter account.  An invoice from Neil’s Excavation was received in the amount of $2,465.00 for snow removal through December 19.  The board approved paying that invoice.  Carla has not yet sent the $1,000 invoice to the COGCC’s contractor as a road impact fee for the use of the road and bridge last summer to transport heavy equipment to BP’s Hoyer property in order to drill a methane monitor well.  Carla will work with John Wickman to get that invoice out asap.


Assessments:  After February 1, any unpaid assessments will be delinquent.  The board decided to mail reminders to those who are delinquent as soon as possible after February 1 and not wait until our next board meeting.  Jim will work with Carla to get those notices out as soon as possible after February 1.  Hopefully the reminder will eliminate the need to send a more formal latter of the intent to file a lien against those properties that are in delinquent in paying their assessment.


Old Business


Roads and Snow Removal: The board discussed Neil Excavation’s performance.  Since their contract is by the hour we need to monitor their work to make sure they are being as efficient as possible with their time.  Complaints have been received about snow dams being built up in front of driveways.  Jim will discuss how to mitigate that with John Wickman.  It might require more of Neil’s time, which will cost the association more money for snow removal.  Carla is still getting bids from other contractors for snow removal services.


Availability of Association Documents: The board reviewed the list of association document that are required to be posted to the association website per the revised Policies and Procedures.  Mike will have the current certificate of liability insurance posted and will continue to locate and post the other required documents.


Bridge:  The new signs have been installed and the invoice (for less than $150.00 as previously approved) is expected soon.


Enforcing the CC&R’s:  Jim submitted a draft notice of violation for consideration.   Changes to that form of notice were discussed.  Violation letters regarding non-operative vehicles will go out in the next couple of weeks.  The board decided NOT to post notices of violation on the association website, but to note on the website that those notices are available to view upon request.


Biennial Review of Financial Books and Records: Jim recommended that the board ask Pay LeRoy to review the association’s financial books and records for the past 2 years as required by the Policies and Procedures.  The board agreed that Pat is qualified to serve in this capacity.  She has an accounting background, is familiar with the association’s business and was not on the association board during the review period.  Jim will contact Pat about serving.  The audit must begin before the end of February 2010 and must be completed before the annual meeting.  Carla will coordinate with last year’s Treasurer, Chip Burkett, to compile the information required for the review.


Laptop Computer:  The board is still evaluating cost and the benefits of buying a laptop computer for the association and may propose that purchase to the full membership at the next annual meeting,


New Business


Letters from Residents: 


1) Notice from Conrad Granito that he conveyed his property (Lot 21, Subdivision 2) to his wife, Julia A. Granito.  Mike will confirm that the La Plata County Assessor’s records reflect the new owner and then will make that change to the association’s address lists.  Carla will mail an assessment to Julia Granito.


2) Letter from attorney representing Henry Wommer, who is the heir of Hank Wommer.  They are disputing the assessment and appear confused about the lot designation for Mr. Wommer’s property (Lot I, not Lot 1).  Carla will contact them to resolve.


3) Letter from Patricia Schuler-Mahaney was read into the minutes (attached).  She is disputing our right to demand an assessment from her (she is correct), and is upset that we are not correctly reflecting her as the owner of her property.  Mike will draft a response.


4) Letter from Ted Davis, partial year resident, updating his phone number.


Fire Prevention:  Richard wants to revisit the idea of having the Pine River Fire Department conduct a controlled burn in an area near the pond that has a developed a significant amount of dead vegetation.  Jim spoke with Hank Wommer.  His property abuts the area in question.  Mr. Wommer is not supportive of a controlled burn.  Richard is still trying to discuss this idea with other nearby property owners.


Irresponsible use of vehicles.  Richard suggests the board address the dangerous use of subdivision roads and trespassing by speeding snowmobiles, motorcycles and ATV’s.  BP’s lots are especially popular, as are the common areas and the subdivision roads.  This is a liability issue for the association.  It is also a very polarizing topic among residents and so should most appropriately be discussed by the membership at the annual meeting.  This board could draft a proposed policy about this issue for the general membership to consider adopting.  In the meantime we should be notifying the county sheriff of any trespassers.  We also might want to advise BP that their property is attracting these vehicles and suggest that they fence their lots to discourage trespassing.


Unrestrained or nuisance animals.  Richard recommended that the board address nuisance animals in the next round of violation notices.  This is one of the most common  complaints by residents and causes the most ill will between neighbors.  The board will discuss further at the February meeting.


The February meeting will be held on Wednesday, the 17th at Carla Tanner’s house.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:48 pm.



Mike Walcher