SATURDAY OCTOBER 12, 2019 10:00 a.m.


The meeting was called to order by Vice President Chip Burkett at 10:10 a.m.   He thanked all for attending the meeting.  During his remarks, Lily Burkett verified the number of signatures on the sign in sheet and that the proxies were recorded correctly.  Lots represented by landowners in attendance were 19, with 21 proxies.  A quorum of 27 is necessary to conduct business.

2020 Proposed Budget:  Chip Burkett explained that a draft of the proposed 2020 budget was presented at the Annual Meeting in July.  Florian Walchak, Treasurer, reviewed the line items explaining that the Bridge was reduced to $1000.00 after the Board learned that the grant writer had no future duties.  The Contingency Fund was increased to $4000.00.  As always, snow removal cost is an unknown.  Money in the Contingency Fund may be used to offset any additional funds needed if there is another heavy snow season this winter.  It also may be used to offset any increase in funds needed for road work.  Pat LeRoy explained that when the draft of the Proposed 2020 Budget was presented, it was out of balance.  At the annual meeting Chief Evans said that the Fire Department would be paying for the survey of the two BP lots where easements will be required to build the new bridge.   This survey was something that the Board thought would be an expense this fall and was estimated to cost about $4100.00.  This amount was then included in the estimated carryover funds for 2020 and put the Budget in balance.

During the discussion of the Budget several landowners expressed their concerns.

  1. Drivers are exceeding the speed limit on all of the roads.
  2. Would speed bumps be something that the association would be consider.  Some thought that they would create problems for snow removal and would require lots of maintenance.
  3. Send letter to all landowners that speeding has become a safety problem.  Contact vendors such as UPS, Fedex to have their drivers slow down.  If you can see dust clouds behind you in your rearview mirror, you are driving too fast.
  4. Less money for dust abatement and more for maintenance.
  5. The Association has two insurance policies, general liability and Directors and Officers.

Chip Burkett explained the process regarding the budget going forward.  If there is no motion to veto the budget, the Proposed 2020 Budget will become the 2020 Budget.  There was no motion to veto the budget.

Addition to the Bylaws 3.9 ( c ) – applies the same penalties for nonpayment of Special Assessments as the penalties for nonpayment of the Annual Assessment.

Chip Burkett explained that the last Special Assessment was several years ago when the culvert on the asphalt lane was plugged with debris during the winter snow melt and was replaced to keep the road from washing out.  This addition to the Bylaws was reviewed and approved by the Attorney.   This addition to the Bylaws is to clarify that both annual assessments and special assessments have the same penalties for nonpayment.  There was discussion both pro and con and with the board addressing the concerns expressed by the landowners.  O. D. Perry moved that the Bylaw addition 3.9 (c ) be approved as presented, second by John Dustin.  Vote to approve was Yes 36, No 4.  The addition will be recorded with the La Plata County Clerk and Recorder.

Bridge Update:  At this time there is no new news since the Annual Meeting.  Open discussion period followed:

  1. The design will accommodate emergency vehicles and evacuation of residents at the same time.  This is a safety issue with the one lane bridge.
  2. La Plata County will issue permits for the bridge.
  3. Some residents on Richard Drive believe they should be exempt from the special assessment for the bridge since they cross the bridge much less than those residents on the other side of the bridge, or at least an assessment at a reduced amount.  Special assessments are applied equally to all lots within Subd. #2 and those residents using the bridge and roads to access their property.
  4. The Grant is for $1,200,000.00 with the Association responsible for 25% of the cost.
  5. Florian Walchak explained that the actual costs will not be known until the contracts are put out for bid. 
  6. Richard Diedrich reported that many of the items needed such as an EPA report, have already been done. 
  7. Some residents expressed that a special assessment of $3000.00 would pose a hardship on them.  Chip Burkett explained that the $3000.00 would be the top range and there may be a possibility that the final cost could be less.  We have to wait until the final costs are approved.
  8. Florian Walchak has been in talks with a local bank for a line of credit if needed to pay for the bridge.  Without the final costs, the process is on hold and an interest rate cannot be locked in. 
  9. Costs to bring the roads up to code were estimated several years ago at 1-2 million dollars.   At this point in time, the county is not interested in being responsible for the maintenance or ownership of our private roads.
  10. Residents asked that they be kept up to date as details become available.  The Board has passed along information as it has been received.
  11. The grant has been approved and after a site visit has been made by FEMA is should be awarded.  The site visit timeframe is from now until the end of the year.
  12. The Board has been working with BP to obtain easements needed on their lots along Ludwig Drive to accommodate the location of the new bridge.  There is a verbal approval for this to happen and the Board hopes to have that information soon.
  13. Once the final cost of the bridge has been determined, the Board will hold a Special Meeting to discuss and vote on the Special Assessment for the Bridge.

Chip Burkett thanked all for coming and the meeting was adjourned at 11:20 a.m.

These minutes were approved by a vote of _____________on ______________________.



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