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DSL Update


In the spirit of the Disneyland ads...

You just got DSL! Where are you going to go now?

First place I went: to cancel my dial up.

Since I'm happily updating this site from my laptop in another room from my DSL box, I thought I should share some installation hints (mine are XP computers; yours may have different steps, but the concept is the same):

  • Plug it in. Plug in the power cable, the yellow network cable, and the phone cord, then check that you have green lights on the unit.
  • If the broadband link light is red, your DSL isn't ready yet.
  • When it is ready (all lights green), you should be able to access the internet without any problem.
  • Modify your dial up settings. If you have your dial-up settings set to "Always dial", uncheck that and check "never dial a connection".
  • Enable your wireless. Open your control panel, go to Network Connections, right-click the wireless connection and select "enable" if it's disabled.
  • Connect. Open the wireless connection (double-click on it) and click View Wireless Networks. Yours will magically show up. It will show up even if your DSL connection isn't active yet. (You're really just connecting to the DSL router at this point.) Double-click your wireless network and enter the network key from the bottom of your unit. It is on the bottom of the unit on the sticker that also has the serial number. The key is the number below the bar code.
  • Try it out . Make sure your dial up connection is off, then open your preferred browser and surf away! And while you're at it, make a phone call while you're online. I currently have two laptops online at once and just finished a phone call. I couldn't be more giddy about technology than I am at just this moment.

Happy surfing!

Note: You have paid already for MyDurango's help in installing your DSL, but the success of your installation is, of course, contingent on your hardware and software being relatively current. If you have an older computer and have trouble connecting, you may need to take it to a PC shop and have it updated.



Most of you received a phone call in the last few days from MyDurango informing you that DSL installation will commence sometime in the next ten days. If you did not get that phone call and you are expecting one, please call MyDurango and make sure you are indeed on the list.

If you are planning to do your own installation, please call MyDurango before you go over there to pick up the kit. The kits take some time to configure, and the technical staff is not always there to configure yours while you wait (they may be out installing DSL or putting in a box somewhere).

And the best part... You can pick up your installation kits starting on Wednesday! Remember that installation is already included in the price you paid, so if you don't want to do your own installation, no worries, you'll just have to be there when they do it and it will take a little longer (strangely, they can't do 23 at once!)


Here’s the latest scoop:

All firm orders (those with phone lines) will be submitted today. The connections being made by Qwest will be completed between Wednesday, May 9 and Monday, May 14 if all goes well, which it appears it might.

Individual installations will be done as soon as humanly possible. However, you can arrange to pick up a do-it-yourself installation kit from MyDurango if you want it faster than that.

Self install kits come with wireless router/modem combination, the cords and filters. They also come with instructions. Some help can also be obtained over the phone, if necessary.

If a self install is successful, MyDurango would not need to be there. If self install isn't an option, we would schedule an appointment, beginning the day after connections are completed, barring scheduling conflicts.


The only one MyDurango is taking over is the main phone line. If you want to cancel the second line, go ahead but PLEASE PLEASE not until your installation is complete. They would only be confused and it could slow down the order process......like it needs that any more.



Good News for DSL Hopefuls (we hope)

As many of you have noticed, Qwest has now decided to offer DSL to PRR and Bear Creek.

MyDurango has indicated that they are discussing Qwest’s contractual obligations to them with the PUC. Meanwhile, MyDurango has told us that they are expediting their process and intend to be able to offer us DSL soon, which is why money has not yet been refunded.

Nothing is definite yet, but updates will be posted as we receive them.


Bad News for DSL Hopefuls

MyDurango is unable to deploy DSL internet service to the Pine River Ranches and Bear Creek subdivisions within the agreed timeframe. Qwest is apparently having a hard time finding enough undamaged cable between what would be our box and Bayfield to provide adequate infrastructure for the project.

For the last couple of weeks, Jeff and the staff at MyDurango have been trying different things to get this project off the ground and will continue to work with Qwest toward the eventual implementation of DSL service for us. They should know in a month or so whether or not they will be able to provide DSL service to us.

In the meantime, refund checks will be sent out this week to all homeowners who submitted applications.


"... We did get our box installed and are now waiting for Qwest to finish their side. They've given me a completion date of 4/4. We may be looking at a potential problem, though. I've ordered the circuits from the box back to Bayfield and Qwest is having trouble finding undamaged cable along that route. I'm not sure if we're looking at a delay or if the possibility exists that they might come back and tell us it's not possible. I've escalated the issue to my service manager at Qwest to try to get more information from them. I will let you know more when I know more. If for some reason we can't get it done, we will refund all the money, but hopefully it won't come down to that."

--Jeff, My Durango


You may have noticed that your $100 check to MyDurango has been cashed. This is the down payment part of the process. Please do not be concerned that you are paying for service you're not yet getting. That $100 covers the down payment for the box that all the subdivisions have to pay for their own boxes, the account setup and activation, installation, and the DSL router that will live in your home and connect you to the Internet. Your $70/month will start on the first day of service.

We should know shortly when installation will begin.


"Jeff has placed our box on a concrete pad at the new location. Qwest will now proceed with their digging/trenching/wiring after this weekend. We do not know what date, but if you drive by the location you'll see a new box, and hopefully a Qwest truck!! So, things are moving along. Still going to be a while, but at least there's something visible."

--Email from MyDurango


"No updates yet, the ground is still too frozen to dig in the conduit yet but we're hoping for next week. We tried week before last but the trencher couldn't get in."

--Email from MyDurango


The process from here:

"First, I order DSL to your current phone number from Qwest, along with an order to take over your phone number. When the technician goes to the "crossbox" (the one being placed near you) to take your phone line away from qwest and give it to us, he calls me. I then go into the Number Porting website and activate your number with us.

"The only downtime would be maybe 30 seconds, while the number is reassigned to us from Qwest. Usually it takes 10 seconds or less. The only time I've ever run into problems is when the technician shows up a day early and the number isn't ready to be activated with us, as there is an eighteen business hour lead time.  This can be resolved with a call to Qwest, but the downtime may be as much as ten minutes. It is a rare occurrence, and I check the number porting website after every order is submitted so I know the due dates and can make the change, or send the qwest tech back the next day or whenever the due date is.

The technicians from Qwest that we work with most often are a good bunch of people who only want to do the job right. I would suggest that anyone in your group who works out of their home may request a certain day to have their phones switched, although I cannot guarantee compliance with their wishes, I can certainly put forth extra effort to make it as seamless as possible.

We will provide DSL modem/wireless routers free of charge to all in your subdivision that sign up. Any training necessary would have to be addressed on a case by case basis, and of course installation would be included with your contract. Our technicians would ensure that everything was up and running before they leave the premises. The only time they cannot do this is when there are problems with internal wiring or computer software issues. I will ask one of my technicians to give me a list of what they typically find missing on older computers, or other common problems they run into, and I will forward that information on to you. "

--Email from MyDurango


"There is a truck at the end of the canyon with post hole diggers. I stopped and asked if they were with My Durango and they said yes. They have started!!!"

--Email from an excited DSL Customer-To-Be

2.12.2007 (part 2)

"The physical location [of the DSL equipment] is on the west side of 501 at the Bear Creek intersection. There are a series of Qwest boxes there and we will be a few feet to the north of them."

--Jeff, MyDurango


Progress! We have an anticipated DSL deployment date of the first week of April. Here's an excerpt from the latest exchange of emails:

"We haven't had any problems to this point...  It takes time, but it's going fine.

To this point, we've had joint meets with Qwest at the location and several conference calls...  Now that we're at this point, we're ready to actually start physical work on the project.

Next week we'll send Qwest the money to get their part of the project done.  I'll also secure the permit from La Plata County.  I don't anticipate any problems since we won't be on a street corner.  My hope is to bury our conduit and pour the pad for our pedestal the following week."

--Jeff, MyDurango

More information has been requested regarding the physical location. An update will be posted as soon as one is available.


A purported problem with CDOT has arisen. We're waiting for an update from MyDurango and information will be posted as it arrives.


From Sue at MyDurango:

"We have submitted the paperwork to Qwest and have had meetings at the box where our equipment will be installed. It is still in the planning and permitting phase but moving forward."


Nothing new to report, other than that there have been sightings of MyDurango personnel in the Bear Creek neighborhood.

A phone call to MyDurango confirmed that yes, they have started the process, but it will still take a while. They currently have some of the permits required and are working on getting the rest of the paperwork in order.



It took over a year, but enough DSL applications and checks were finally submitted to start the process of bringing DSL to Pine River Ranches and Bear Creek subdivisions. Those checks and apps have been delivered to MyDurango.

If anyone else wants to sign up, applications are available at the mailboxes, here on the PRR website, or at Pat LeRoy’s. You can submit them to MyDurango on Camino Del Rio across from Kroeger's and just south of Nature's Oasis and The Wine Merchant in Durango.

Further updates will be posted as they become available. If you would like to have those updates emailed to you, send Nancy an email.

Happy Holidays.

We are very close to the number of applications we need. We have 22 people who have said "yes, I want DSL", but only 17 applications have been turned in. Unless we have 24 applications with checks, we can't get the process started. Here's an excerpt from an email from MyDurango:

If you have 24 commitments, we'll start the box. If anyone backs out after the commitment and ordering of the crossbox, they will not get their deposit back, but it will not eliminate the crossbox. If anyone sells, the deposit can be an item addressed in the sale if need be. So, get me a list of 24 people and their deposits and we'll get this going. (Sue, 11/8)

Please, if you have not yet turned in your application, do so as soon as possible. We are at most 3 months away from a high-speed connection if we turn them in this week. If 24 applications have not been received within the next 2 weeks, the project will be dropped.

Of course, if you haven't already said "yes" and you'd like to help speed this along, you can mail your application to the address below.

Editor's note:  All phone numbers of people already on the DSL interest list have been checked and have been found to be provided out of the same box (i.e., good to go for DSL).  Click here to view the list or click here to send an email to add yourself to the list.

We have our 25 interested parties (and a couple extra)! Please send your DSL applications and $100 checks for installation to:

Pine River Ranches Landowners Association
P.O. Box 602
Bayfield, CO 81122

ATTN: Pat LeRoy

Checks will not be cashed until installation begins, 4-5 months after we submit the minimum 25 applications.


We only have 16 applications with checks in hand. If those of you on the interested list who have not yet turned yours in, WE'RE WAITING ON YOU! We can't get this started until we have 25 applications with checks to turn in.

Click here to read last November's letter to homeowners that explains DSL.

7.17.06: Answers to DSL Questions

1. How are other long distance companies than Qwest affected by MyDurango adopting the Qwest line for local, long distance, and DSL? Many have AT&T for long distance and want to keep it.

Users would have to use us for long distance.  There is no other option.

2. Will you (ever) offer overseas long distance, and, if so, what would the rates be?

We do offer long distance overseas - it's just not part of the "unlimited use in the US & Canada" and would be billed separately.  I'll work on a chart that will show you the different rates.

3. What speeds do you offer?  Previous information indicated you had several speeds available for a range of prices (from Forest Lake service).

In the areas where we are doing this now, there is a single speed offered. In your area the maximum DSL speed would be 3Mb (or 3000Kb if you want to compare to the Forest Lakes speed).  1.5Mb is probably more realistic during busy times of day.

4. Will you waive the setup fee if a 2-year contract is signed?


5. From the time the requisite 25 applications and setup fees are received, what is the expected deployment time?

4-5 months

6. Our understanding is that you will accept the requisite 25 applications from multiple subdivisions (Pine River Ranches/Bear Creek)?

We would accept applications from any users connected through the same Qwest remote pedestal.  If you like, I can run prospective phone numbers through the Qwest database to make sure they are fed from the same Qwest pedestal.  The numbers would only be used for that purpose any NOT anything else. 

7. How do outgoing faxes work?  Still need 2 phone lines?

The phone line should work just like it does now.  If you put a fax machine on it and send a fax, it will tie up the line.  Otherwise, the line would be available for incoming or outgoing calls.  For an additional charge, we do offer a "fax to email" feature that allows you to get rid of a second line for incoming faxes by having them come to you in email.

8. Can you add additional phone lines after the switch has been made to MyDurango?

We charge $25 for an additional line.

9. What long distance company would appear on the bill?  Qwest? MyDurango?

It would all be on your monthly myDurango bill.  We don't really list a "company" for the long distance as it's all done through us.


Jump to Verizon Wireless Broadband info below

According to MyDurango.net, the FCC is making it difficult for ISPs to simply offer Internet service.  To stay in business, many are opting to offer bundled service to their subscribers for one monthly fee.  MyDurango.net is one of those offering bundled services by "adopting" the subscriber's phone line from Qwest.  Your current number would not change.  In fact, most changes would remain invisible to the subscriber, except for the billing system.

Service would include local telephone, long distance, and internet service at DSL speeds.  Initial setup cost is around $100 and the service cost will be around $70/month.  You can view the MyDurango.net DSL application here:

MyDurango.net DSL Application

To bring DSL to Pine River Ranches, a minimum of 20 households would need to sign up.  The setup fee would be collected, but the checks would not be cashed until the setup is complete.  There is no definite timeline at this point.

We have been communicating with Frank Harrison, a homeowner in the Bear Creek subdivision who also wants DSL. He had his line tested by a Qwest tech and was told that although he is 4 miles off of 501, his line would support DSL.  He was told he needed to produce 40 names/signatures, phone numbers, and addresses from the Bear Creek, Pine River Ranches, and Beaver Creek subdivisions for them to schedule DSL installation, which could be a year or so out. 

Verizon Wireless PC Card

Verizon Wireless has a wireless card that may work in our area.   As with a cell phone there are certain requirements.  You can learn more at the Verizon store, but in the meantime, here are some basic points:

Required Equipment
NationalAccess or BroadbandAccess-capable PC card (from $50-$150)

Required Contract Terms, Activation Fees and Early Termination Fees

  • Customer Agreement — $35 activation fee per line, except FamilyShare additional lines, $25 for 2-year agreements. (current online offer waives activation fee with 2-year contract)
  • Early Termination: $175 fee applies per line.