Minutes – Transition Meeting/Board of Directors Meeting 23 July 2020



Le Roy residence – 18 Pine River Ranch Circle, Bayfield, CO 81122

Board of Directors present – Jim Clay, Chip Burkett, Florian Walchak, Susan Wells and Pat Le Roy.

Newly elected Board of Directors members – Jeanie Widner and Jeremy Luman.

Guest – Terri Bonham, Design Committee Chair

While waiting for a new board member to arrive and prior to calling the meeting to order, Jim Clay updated those present on the status of CenturyLink and their possible commitment to providing high speed internet to this area.   Jim Clay has been communicating with a representative in Arizona.  This request for high speed internet has been handed off to the local office.  Because of the Covid-19 the process has been slowed down.  The current plan is to bring the fiber optic from CR 501, across the river via the bridge, and then be hard wired to each residence.  Many of the details are yet to be determined.

Jim Clay provided the necessary forms from La Plata County to request 50% reimbursement for the product used to treat the weeds at the pond and alongside the roads. Chip Burkett will handle the paperwork.  Individual landowners may apply for this reimbursement by following the La Plata County guidelines and using the appropriate forms. 

Jim Clay called the meeting to order at 6:50 p.m.

Jim Clay presided over the Election of Officers.  Each officer of the current Board of Directors provided a brief overview of the responsibilities of their office. 

Election of Officers

President – Susan Wells nominated Chip Burkett to be president, second by Jeanie Widner.  Vote to approve was unanimous.

Vice President – Susan Wells nominated Jeremy Luman to be Vice President, second by Florian Walchak.  Vote to approve was unanimous.

Secretary – Susan Wells nominated Jeanie Widner to be Secretary, second by Jeremy Luman.  Vote to approve was unanimous

Treasurer – Florian Walchak express his willingness  to continue as Treasurer and was nominated by Susan Wells,  second by Jeremy Luman.  Vote to approve was unanimous.

Member at large – Susan Wells will continue in this position for the new term.

New signature cards – Florian Walchak will meet with TBK BANK to arrange for the new signature cards

to be signed.  He will inform the other members when and how the cards will be signed.

Design Committee – Terri Bonham explained that the Design Committee has received construction plans

for a home on Lot #8.  The committee after the first review had 3 issues of concern.

  1. The slope of the roof.
  2. Requested a sample of the metal siding to be used.
  3. Setback from the northern property line.

The Board discussed these issues. 


The slope of the roof meets La Plata County codes and has been engineered to support a heavy snow load.  No one knew for certain the reason for the 3/12 slope as stated in the Design Committee guidelines.  Discussion included removing this from the guidelines.  Jeanie Widner moved that the Board grant a variance of Rule A for the Job house as designed and approved by La Plata County.  Second by Jeremy Luman.  Vote to grant this variance was unanimous.


Terri Bonham researched the siding on the internet and circulated the information to the board.   The siding is not smooth metal.  It has a board and batten design.  After some discussion, the board noted that there are many buildings in the subdivision with metal siding of various colors and design.  The committee doesn’t feel that based on these facts, approval cannot be denied.


Mr. Job has agreed to move the northern setback to 15 feet to comply with the guidelines.

Terri Bonham will draft an approval letter and send to the Florian Walchak who will send the letter to Larry Job.

Jim Clay reminded the Board that the Design Committee may use their discretion when approving design plans.

Terri Bonham suggested that all design guidelines be placed in one document.  Setbacks and square footage are listed in the CC&Rs and the Bylaws.  The design committee will compile this document and bring it to the next Board meeting for their discussion.  The document will be presented to the membership at a duly called meeting.

The Design Committee consists of 3 members appointed by the Board of Directors  for staggered terms of  1 year, 2 years, or 3 years.  Terri Bonham has served ask Chair for 3 years.  She was asked if she would consider another 3-year term.  Granville Conway has indicated that he will serve another term.  Susan Wells is the third member of the committee. Jeanie Widner nominated Terri Bonham to serve another 3 year term, second by Florian Walchak. Vote to approve was unanimous.

Jim Clay clarified that any structure above ground needs to be approved by the Design Committee; any structure in the Flood Plain needs a permit; structures need a 50 ft. setback from the river high water mark; structures of 200 sq. ft needs to be anchored.

 Jim Clay has reserved a tractor/mower for Saturday July 25, 2020.  Volunteer mowers will be

Florian Walchak, Jim Clay, Jeremy Luman, Chip Burkett.

Next Meeting – August 11, 2020 at 6:30 p.m. at Florian Walchak’s home 726 Pine River Ranch Circle, Bayfield, CO. 81122

Florian Walchak moved that the meeting be adjourned, second by Susan Wells.  Vote to adjourn was unanimous.   Meeting adjourned at 8:25 p.m.

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