Minutes – Special PRRLOA Meeting – 23 May 2020


SPECIAL MEETING – MAY 23, 2020 at 10:00 a.m.


The Special Meeting was called to order by President Jim Clay at 10:15 a.m. 

After all landowners had signed in, a committee of three landowners, Barb Wickman, Duane Nelson and Angela Diedrich, verified that the proxies were valid.   They determined that there was a quorum of 50 landowners represented either in person or by a valid proxy.

During the time needed to verify the proxies and the signatures of those landowners attending in person, Jim Clay gave a brief overview of the condition of the bridge.  Richard Diedrich informed the board what he had observed and was concerned about the condition of the bridge and the pier.  The board began the process to determine how to finance the bridge replacement.   It appeared that a FEMA Grant would be the best option.  In the spring of 2016, the river was running high and lapping at the top of the bridge.  Huge amounts of debris – logs, tree branches – were creating a log jam on the pier.  The Fire Department removed much of the debris freeing the log jam and continued to monitor the water and the bridge so it would not wash out.  As part of the grant process, the board hired Goff Engineering who issued a bridge report in May 2018 stating that the bridge was unsafe for the traffic in the subdivision and does not meet current bridge design codes.  They consider the overall bridge structure to be unsafe.  The Association hired a grant writer, Danielle Coronado.  It has been a long process.    FEMA awarded the grant to the Upper Pine River Fire Department with the Association’s financial responsibility to be 25% of the cost up to $300,000.00 of the grant total up to $1,200,000.00.  The Board recently learned that FEMA is requiring more information ASAP.  The meeting called today will be to commit to the 25% of the cost up to $300,000.00.  Florian Walchak is the Point of Contact person.

The total number of landowners who are attending the meeting in person plus the number of lots represented by a proxy is 50.  A quorum has been established.

Jim Clay asked if there were any questions.

  1. How many lots are in the subdivision?  There are 87 lots.  The Association owns 2 lots which were gifted by BP to the Association for the placement of the bridge.  The Pond is owned by the Association.
  2. Where will the bridge be located?  The bridge will be placed downstream from the current bridge.  The old bridge will be removed and that cost is included in the grant.
  3. How wide will the bridge be?  The bridge will be 2 lanes.  It may include structures to house utilities, fiber optics, etc.
  4. What is the time line to pay?  After the bids are received and the cost has been determined the Association will know what its portion will be.  If the cost has been determined by the Annual Meeting, the Special Assessment will be presented and voted on.  If not, a special meeting will be required.
  5. What is the timeline to pay a special assessment?  The special assessment is due within 30 days of the invoice date.  If unpaid after 30 days, a Notice of Delinquency is mailed.  If unpaid after an additional 30 days a Notice to File a Lien is mailed.  15 days later, if still unpaid, a lien will be filed.
  6. When does a payment plan begin?  The payment plan may be offered after the assessment is delinquent and a lien has been filed.  The payment plan is for 6 equal payments spread over 6 months.  The advantage to the landowner is to secure a personal financing to avoid the lien’s additional fees.  There is a landowner who is offering to do a loan to other landowners.  The Association has established a line of credit to finance the amount not paid by the landowners.
  7. What is the cost per lot?  The special assessment will be the cost of the bridge divided by 87 lots within Subdivision #2 which is if based on $300,000.00 is approximately $3440.00.  A statement will be mailed to the landowners in Subdivision #1 and to the other landowners who access their property using the bridge and the roads in Subdivision #2.  If all of these lots pay, then the cost may be reduced to approximately $2900.00 per lot.  Historically, all of the other lots outside of Subdivision #2 have paid their assessments.
  8. Why didn’t Subdivision #1 receive notice of this meeting?  This meeting was posted at the mailboxes and on the website for all to read.   Landowners in Subdivision #2 received the information about the meeting either by email or by USPS service.  The meeting is for Subdivision #2 to vote on their commitment to pay their 25% cost of the bridge.  Only landowners in Subdivision #2 can vote.  Subdivision #1 and the other lots receive other mailings such as the notice for the annual meeting.  It would be beneficial for all landowners to receive communications by email and those who don’t are encouraged to provide their email address.  It speeds up communication and saves money.

There being no further questions, Jim Clay called for the motion.  John Dustin moved that the Pine River Ranches Landowners Association, Inc., is committed to assuming their financial portion of the cost of the replacement of the current bridge.  The Association’s portion is 25% up to $300,000.00 of the FEMA Grant of up to $1,200,000.00.   Julio Goicoechea seconded the motion.

Jim Clay called for a voice vote to proceed with voting.  The voice vote to proceed was unanimous. 

Jim Clay announced that the meeting is in recess while the votes are being tallied.  He mentioned that $2000.00 worth of fish have been stocked in the river and the pond.  This was paid for by donations to the fish fund.

Barb Wickman, Angela Diedrich and Duane Nelson tallied the votes and verified that the proxies had been voted correctly.

The vote to approve the motion was YES 49 NO 1.  The motion was approved.

Jim Clay thanked all for attending the meeting.

Barb Wickman moved that the meeting be adjourned, second by Julio Goicoechea.  The vote to adjourn the meeting was approved by voice vote.  The meeting was adjourned at 11:03 a.m.

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