Minutes – PRRLOA Board Meeting 11 August 2020



WALCHAK RESIDENCE, 726 Pine River Ranch Circle, Bayfield, CO  81122

The meeting was called to order by President, Chip Burkett at 6:34 P.M.

Board of Directors present: Chip Burkett, Jeremy Luman, Florian Walchak, Susan Wells and Jeanie Widner

Guest: Richard Diedrich and J.D. Burke

MINUTES OF JULY 7, 2020 – Florian Walchak moved that the minutes be approved.  Susan Wells seconded.  Vote to approve 5-0

MINUTES OF JULY 23, 2020 – Florian Walchak moved the minutes be approved.  Jeremy Luman seconded.  Vote to approve was 5-0

TREASURER REPORT – Florian Walchak presented the treasurers report.  The July statements were not included, as they had not been received.  Account balance is $22,382.04 (previous month: $37.386.06)

June deposits were $1.390.  June debits were $16,378.70 with money spent on roadwork, fish fund & administrative costs.  June interest was $2.68.

WINTER ACCOUNT balance is $4,813.97

RESERVE ACCOUNT balance is $12,026.12 

INVOICES TO BE PAID from the lawyer for $605.00 , pending bill for mowing equipment est. around $500.00

LIEN STATUS – 2 liens are in play totaling $4400.00 

IMPACT FEES – none have been received yet for the new construction sites. 

Jeremy Luman moved to approve the treasurer’s report.  Susan wells seconded.  Voted to approve 5-0.  Susan Wells then moved to pay the lawyers invoice.  Jeremy Luman seconded.  Voted to approve 5-0.


     BRIDGE REPLACEMENT UPDATE – J.D. Burke presented updates.  The request for bids have gone out for the cultural and biological studies and have been received back.  The cultural study looks for possible artifacts and the biological study looks for endangered species.  The Fire Department is not able to get a loan for the bridge expense, so PRRLA will need to be the Fiduciary of the project.  The Fire Department will remain the project manager.  Florian will be visiting with the Bank of Colorado further to iron out the construction loan details to finance construction of the new bridge.  We will be reimbursed by FEMA @ 75% of the total cost.  J.D. shared that FEMA considered our bridge to be a serious problem and is anxious to see it replaced.

     BRIDGE OWNERSHIP – the original owners of the bridge, New Age, Inc. has 1 surviving partner.  He will be contacted to see if he will sign a release to PRRLA giving us ownership of the bridge, so that it can be removed and disposed of.  It must be removed after the new bridge is installed.

     LOTS 82 & 89 – STATUS OF WELL CAPPING – Florian will check with BP and get an update. 

     SPECIAL ASSESSMENT FOR THE BRIDGE REPLACEMENT – We are not yet ready to determine the special assessment, until bids for construction are received.

     DAMAGE TO THE BRIDGE BY EQUIPMENT – has been repaired by Robert Hoyt and Chip Burkett.

     AED & EMERGENCY EXIT STATUS – Richard Diedrich reported that at the annual meeting the cost per unit for the SED was quoted at $1400, which included up to 6 people per unit trained to operate it and a yearly checkup of the unit..  Since that time he has visited with Steven Bradford from the Fire Department and they are interested in participating with us in this endeavor and can make the units available at considerably lower cost.  They are proposing possible annual training and informational meetings.  Steven Bradford is a homeowner in this association.  Discussions will continue.  Susan Wells asked if all units in the FD are ALS (advanced life support) J.D. said they are.  Richard then reported on the emergency exit discussions with landowners involved.  An exit up off of Ludwig will not be possible. However there are a couple other alternatives to be considered and he will continue to work on those.

     MOWING AND WEED CONTROL – has been completed.  Chip Burkett, president, penned a mid-summer letter to all landowners in Sub Div. I and II and the Alpha lots reminding them to control the weeds on their properties and to keep tall grass mowed low for fire mitigation and it was mailed out or e-mailed.

     HOMEOWNERS CONCERNS – some areas have since been mowed

     LPC INSECTICIDE REBATE – still in the process

     SUBDIVISION 1 AND A LOTS – ROAD MANITENANCE FEES – Florian is working on the formula for cost of only road maintenance out of the budget for those not within Sub. II.

     BANK SIGNITURE CARDS for new officers are being processed.  The bank needs an official record of Association officers who are authorized to association accounts.  Florian moved that Chip Burkett, President, Jeremy Luman, Vice President, Jeanie Widner, Secretary, Florian Walchak, Treasurer and Susan Wells, member-at-large all be authorized to all 3 accounts for the association.  Susan Wells seconded.  Vote passed 5-0.


     LETTER FROM HOMEOWNER –A letter was received from a homeowner suggesting a special fund be set up to put money into for special needs, such as the bridge.  We have that in the contingency fund.  Jeanie moved Chip be authorized by the board to reply to the concern, Florian seconded.  Vote passed 5-0

     ROAD IMPACT FEES – reminders will be sent to those constructing now about the fees due.

     PRRLA RECORD STORAGE – Jeanie moved that we accept Pat LeRoy’s offer to keep all old records for the PRRLA at her home.  Susan seconded.  Vote passed 5-0        

     BUDGET MEETING DATE – Set for October3, 2020 at 10:00 A.M. and Florian will check on library availability.

DATE FOR NEXT BAORD MEETING – September 15, 2020 @ Walchak residence @ 6:30 P.M.

MEETING ADJOURNED- Jeanie moved, Susan seconded @ 8:40 P.M.

These minutes were approved by a vote of _____________ on _________________________________________.


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