Minutes – PRRLOA Board Meeting 9 December 2020




The meeting was called to order by President, Chip Burkett at 6:33 P.M.

Board of Directors present: Chip Burkett, Florian Walchak, Susan Wells, Jeremy Luman and Jeanie Widner

Guest:  none

MINUTES OF NOVEMBER 10, 2020 – Jeanie moved the minutes be approved, Jeremy seconded.  Vote to approve 5-0.

TREASURER REPORT – Florian Walchak presented the treasurers’ report.

GENERAL ACCOUNT balance is $7,658.80 (previous month: $14,464.78)

              Deposits:  $1,732.50

              Debits:  $6,805.98  (Goff engineering, Bridge repair supplies, website expense)

WINTER ACCOUNT balance is $4,816.00  (previous month:  $4,815.59)

RESERVE ACCOUNT balance is $ 12, 031.16  (previous month:  $12,030.14)

INVOICES TO BE PAID – $2,970.00 to Heart Safe LaPlata

                                                $13.00 to John Dustin for the filing fee for the letter from Joe Ford

RECEIVABLES – 2020 Annual Assessments to date – $33,652.00 (no payments received this month)

                                2021 Annual Assessments – $2,494.00  (8 Lots)

                                Impact fees – $1,732.50  (Leavitt, Lot S2-90)

                                Lien Payments- $0.00

LIEN STATUS-  $3,175.53 outstanding balance (includes past due fees, penalties and interest)  We have no     viable contact info for this lot owner and all attempts have failed, so Florian will check with the    county tax records and try to access contact information.

FISH FUND – $786.00

Florian reported we will have an upcoming bill for $8000.00 to ERO for the Bio Study and the Cultural Study being done for the new bridge installation.  At this time, there is enough in our budget to pay this bill.

Our 2020 budget year ends with us in great financial shape.  We will carry over almost $11,000.00 into 2021.

Susan Wells moved for approval of the treasurers’ report.  Jeremy seconded.  Vote to approve 5-0.

Jeanie moved Florian be given approval to pay the bills, Susan seconded.  Vote passed 5-0.

DESIGN COMMITTEE – Chip reported that the Leavitt’s building project was progressing.  The landowner of the property at 729 Ludwig is  planning to build a house on the property so Chip put them in contact with Teri Bonham so she could give them the information the Design Committee needs in order for them to proceed.


AED COMMITTEE – Jeremy reported that he and Richard Diedrich each have a unit at their residence.  Jeremy is building a box with a heater to place outside his garage for the unit he has.  The units are not supposed to be stored in extreme cold.  Florian and Susan will receive their training on the units soon.  We are enrolled in the program, so everything is functional.  Jeanie stated that we need to get information sent out to all our members ASAP explaining how the use of the system will work.  Florian said he would talk to Richard about getting something in writing to distribute.


              Bridge update –Florian reported that Goff Engineering has completed the study of Hydrology and the Site study and the results have been submitted to FEMA.  The county building dept. needed to clarify one item for FEMA and that was done. The biological and cultural studies have been completed by ERO and are in review by the Army Corps of Engineers and the Southern Ute Tribe, respectively.  Once the review and comments are finalized, the studies will be submitted to FEMA.  We hope to have full FEMA approval by the end of the first quarter of 2021.  We will then be ready to send out RFP’s. (Requests for Project – BIDS) 

              Well capping – still waiting for the BP to complete this.

              Line of Credit – Florian has a verbal approval for $200,000.00 with the Bank of Colorado, but has not filed any paperwork yet due to the uncertainty of what we will actually need.  The bank is willing to raise the amount to $400,000.00 with the inclusion of the pond property.  When we determine how much is actually needed, Florian will go ahead with the official paperwork.

              Jeremy reported that he had made several attempts to talk to a lot owner regarding home construction concerns, with no success.  There was discussion as to the problem and how we can proceed.


              LETTERS – Chip presented to the board a draft of 2 different letters that could be sent to landowners with community violations or concerns.  One a REQUEST FOR ACTION and the other a NOTICE OF VIOLATION.  He asked that board members look them over and we will take it up again next month.

              E-MAIL ADDRESSES – Jeanie asked that when the letter was sent to the members about the AED procedures a strong request urging residents to provide e-mail addresses be included.  It would save the Assn. time and money.  Florian said that when he snail mailed those annual assessments out, he had hand-written that request on the bottom of each assessment.  Jeanie thanked him.

              DUMPSTERS – Jeanie brought up the idea of checking into community dumpsters for our members, stating that not only would it provide a service for the members and save them money, but it would also save some wear and tear on our roads.  There was discussion, with both concerns and benefits being considered.  Jeremy said he would check into the cost for dumpsters.

              SNOW REMOVAL – We needed to decide who would be responsible for calling the snowplows.  Association guidelines are 3” on the roads.  Chip said he would be the primary caller and Florian stated he would take the second position.  Jeremy volunteered to be third in line.

              MAILBOX REPAIR – there is work being done to repair the rotten posts on some of the mailboxes.  Jeremy moved that we approve the payment of expenses to correct the problem.  We anticipate the total cost of repair to be less than $300.00  Jeanie seconded.  Vote approved 5-0.

DATE FOR NEXT BOARD MEETING – is Wednesday, JANUARY 13, 2020 at the Walchak Residence at 6:30 P.M.


              Jeanie moved to adjourn and Florian seconded.  Vote approved 5-0 at 8:04 P.M.

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