Minutes – PRRLOA Board Meeting 12 November 2019



Le Roy residence 18 Pine River Ranch Circle, Bayfield, CO 81122

The meeting was called to order by Vice President Chip Burkett at 7:00 p.m.

Board Members Present – Chip Burkett, Susan Wells and Pat Le Roy.  Jim Clay and Florian Walchak were absent.

Guest – Richard Diedrich

September 11, 2019 Minutes – The minutes were distributed to the Board members for additions and/or correction.  Typos were corrected.  The corrected minutes were posted at the mailboxes and on the website.  Susan Wells moved that the corrected minutes be approved, second by Pat Le Roy.  Vote to approve was 3-0.

Treasurer Report –  In Florian Walchak absence Pat Le Roy stated that the bank statements had just been received and have not been reconciled.  Checks have been written and deposits made that are not reflected on the bank statements.  A more detailed report will be given at the next board meeting.  Susan Wells moved that the Treasurer report as presented be approved, second by Chip Burkett.  Vote to approve 3-0.

Invoices to be paid – Pat Le Roy presented two invoices for payment:  U. S. Postmaster $55.00 stamps, La Plata County Clerk and Recorder $13.00 recording fee for the addition to the Bylaws.  Total amount $68.00.  Susan Wells moved that the invoices be paid, second Pat Le Roy.  Vote to approve 3-0.


Review of Current Liens –  Pat Le Roy stated that Lot #87 is currently under contract.  Liens filed against this property will be paid at closing.  There is one outstanding lien on another property.  Pat Le Roy moved that this landowner be offered a Payment Plan in accordance with the Association governing documents.  Susan Wells moved that this Payment Plan be offered to the landowner, second by Chip Burkett.  Vote to approve was 3-0.   Florian Walchak will prepare the documents and present to the landowner.

Bridge Update:  Richard Diedrich acting as the liaison with the Upper Pine River Fire Dept. gave this update:

  1. The FEMA inspector, who has a good relationship with Chief Evans, has deemed that the site

inspection is not necessary.

  • Chief Evans has hired a Project Manager, at his expense, to oversee the bridge project.
  • The grant money will be awarded in December or January.
  • Once the grant money has been awarded, the project manager will begin the bid process.
  • If all goes smoothly, construction may possibly begin in Spring 2020.
  • The project manager is familiar with this area.
  • EPA still needs to inspect the area regarding the earth/soil and foliage.

NEW BUSINESS ITEM RELATED TO THE BRIDGE UPDATE – The Board has been negotiating with BP regarding easements needed for the construction of the new bridge.  These have been ongoing for months.  In mid-October BP contacted Jim Clay asking if the Board would consider this offer:  BP would file a QUITCLAIM DEED for Lot 82 and 89 naming Pine River Ranches Landowners Association as owners.  This would be at no cost to the Association.  Polling the Board Members, all agreed to this offer.  The Deed has been recorded.  This gift from BP will make the placement and construction of the bridge easier. 

A couple of items of discussion:

  1. The lots need some mitigation.  It was suggested that Richard Diedrich contact Duane Nelson for ideas about mitigation.
  2. Barb Wickman has voiced some concern about Lot 82 potential geological problems.  Richard Diedrich will contact her.

Line of Credit – no update at this time.

Special Assessment – Waiting for final costs of the project to be determined.

Design Committee – Suggested changes by the Design Committee to be discussed at either the December or January meeting.

Repair of mailboxes – Thanks to Rod Widner for doing the repair at no cost to the Association.

Approve the 2020 Annual Assessment – The Proposed 2020 Budget presented at the October 12, 2019 meeting was not vetoed.  Therefore, it becomes the 2020 Budget.  The 2020 Budget was based on the 2020 Annual Assessment remaining the same as the 2019 Annual Assessment with no increase.  Susan Wells moved that the 2020 Annual Assessment be approved, second Chip Burkett.  Vote to approve 3-0.  The 2020 Annual Assessment will be:

              Full Time resident $430.00

              Part time resident less than 6 months – $344.00

              Unimproved Lots – $172.00

Policies and Procedures – Collections – tabled until next meeting.

Richard Diedrich stated that Chief Evans is concerned about the tall grasses on many lots in the subdivision.  The annual year end letter sent to all landowners will address this issue.

Date next meeting – December 10, 2019 at the Le Roy’s residence.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50 p.m.

These minutes were approved by a vote of __________ on ____________.


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