Minutes – PRRLOA Annual Meeting – 24 July 2021




President, Chip Burkett, called the meeting to order at 10:15 a.m.  He asked new members to stand and introduce themselves.  Blaine Bailey, Bill &Theresa Herrera and Marcus & Holly Casman were welcomed into the subdivision.  Chip thanked everyone in attendance for coming and thanked Jim and Cheryl Clay for hosting the meeting.  He also thanked and welcomed Guest, JD Burke from the PRFD for attending.

Board members were introduce by Chip Burkett, President: Jeremy Luman, Vice-President, who was unable to attend, Florian Walchak, Treasurer, Jeanie Widner, Secretary and Susan Wells, who was not in attendance and had recently resigned from the board.  Chip thanked them for their service.

Chip Burkett thanked Duane Nelson for all the work he had organized and completed for fire mitigation.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES FROM JULY 11,2020 ANNUAL MEETING – John Dustin moved the minutes be approved as presented, Ken LeRoy seconded.  Voice vote to approve was unanimous.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES FROM BUDGET MEETING, OCTOBER 3, 2020 – John Dustin moved the minutes be approved as presented, Barb Wickman seconded.  Voice vote to approve was unanimous.

TREASURER’S REPORT – Florian Walchak presented the report and went over each line item.  Current Balance in the General Account is $25,326.13.  Winter Account balance is $2,518.39

Reserve Account balance is $16,039.99.  Outstanding invoices totaling $24,429.42 will be paid and that will lower our balance substantially, but Florian said it is where we expected to be at this time of the year.  We have an outstanding lien, which should be paid in total soon.  Florian recognized and thanked all Fish Fund donors.

President, Chip Burkett reported that we have enough for a quorum with 46 represented.  40 in attendance and 6 by Proxy.


              BRIDGE REPLACEMENT UPDATE – Florian Walchak reported that we have good news.  The FEMA grant has been awarded to the PRFD and they have released the RFP.  We are responsible for 25% of the total cost and the grant pays the other 75%.  Florian then asked JD Burke from the PRFD to share updates.  JD gave some background on progress to date and then said there had been a mountain of paperwork required by FEMA, which had slowed the process.  Total project cost is still unknown and depends on the bridge design and cost of materials.  Several companies are putting RFP’s together for submission to the PRFD, who is the managing organization for the bridge replacement.  Once a bid is approved and accepted for the project, the expected cost and duration of the project will be better understood.  JD expects a bridge designer will be chosen by the end of August 2021 and he anticipates the new bridge may not be complete until the spring of 2022, at the soonest.  JD also reported the money has been awarded and so the PRFD can receive bills for payment.  The PRRLA has bills for studies required and they can now be submitted for reimbursement.  Chris Kaufmann asked what would happen to the old bridge.  JD said it must be removed, as it is a hazard to proper river flow.   Barb Wickman asked if there was a time limit for when we need to spend the FEMA grant.  JD said there is and we have already passed it but it was extended and they will ask for another extension.  Rusty Walker asked is the cost of old bridge removal was included in the bid.  JD’s answer was “yes”.  Mark Pommier asked if there was at least a ballpark figure for the bridge cost.  JD responded that the FEMA grant was for $1.2 Million, but he really felt like it would come in closer to $800K.  Blaine Bailey asked if the design of the bridge would have infrastructure for future utilities.  JD told us it would, as the Board had requested that be a part of the design, so the bridge would include chases.  There were several questions and some discussion about water lines.  PRRLA has no water systems with lines.  DeeDee Applegate asked if the existing bridge was being monitored for safety.  JD said it was, especially during periods of high water in the river.   Florian reported that the Board had asked an engineering company to do a thorough study about 3 years back, and it was deemed to be worn, but safe.  Jim Clay reported that some people In the subdivision had removed built up debris from the center pillar in the past.  Florian reminded everyone that we have already held a vote, as an Association and agreed to pay our share of the total cost.  Alison Rhodes asked when lot owners would need to pay.  Florian said it would be before construction starts and after the RFP is approved.  The grant commitment by the Association is $300K.   Jim Clay clarified that when we have the total cost, the board will call a special meeting and there will be a vote to approve the amount per lot for the special assessment.  Blaine Bailey asked if the 2 lots that BP gave to the subdivision could be sold to help offset the cost to lot owners.  Florian said that would be an item for a later meeting.  Chris Kaufmann asked about the methane well on those lots and Florian said he had been in contact with IKAV, the new company and they have stated that they will come out and cap off and abandon those wells.

Florian Walchak reported that $4000.00 has been put in the chip seal fund for the asphalt lane.  Florian reported that the 2022 proposed budget will be discussed at an annual Budget Meeting which will be held in a month or two, but that the budget basically stays the same as it has been for the last several years.  The annual assessments will be the same.  This gives us an annual budget of about $34K and a working budget of $33K. 
The bulk of the budget goes to road expenses.  Last year the board voted to move $3K from the snow removal line item to purchase 2 defibrillators, and that was a one-time expense, so that money will go back into the snow removal funds in 2022.  The proposed budget was sent out in the mailing for the annual meeting.

Chip Burkett introduced Terri Bonham, who is the chair of the Design Committee.  Terri shared the general responsibilities of the committee and said it was a committee of three and the other two members were leaving the committee, so it needs 2 new members.  The committee meets only as needed to review plans submitted, but wants to review and edit its documents this year. 

Chip asked Richard Diedrich to share about the AED committee.  Richard shared that the Association has two devices, which are battery powered and used to jump start the heart in an emergency.  The AED is used in conjunction with CPR.  Being rural, our best chance of response time in an emergency without the units is 7 minutes or more.  The survival rate after 6-7 minutes is about 5%.  With the units and trained volunteers within the subdivision, estimated response time is 3-4 minutes.  If someone has a heart emergency, they call 911 and 911 notifies the team, the FD and Ambulance.   Devices are easy to use and give voice commands to the operator.  Richard Diedrich has one unit and Jeremy Luman has the other.  When they are gone, they give them to another member.

Duane Nelson, who has agreed to be the chairman/ coordinator of a new committee – the COMMON SPACE MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE was introduced by Chip Burkett and shared history of past projects accomplished by members and future needs of maintenance within the subdivision.  Duane’s suggestion is:  if you see something that needs fixed, fix it, and if you need help, call for help.  There was a sign-up sheet at the check-in table.  The committee has 3 primary duties: weed control, road grading & dust abatement and snow removal. They will see that the work is scheduled and completed.  Duane also offered his services, free of charge, as a retired wild lands fire expert to help homeowners mitigate their property for fire safety.

Alison Rhodes asked about the safety of the water in the pond as it might pertain to bugs, germs and such.  Richard Diedrich said that several years ago there was a test done and E-Coli was found in the pond water.  Florian said no test had been done recently, but you could figure whatever is in the river is in the pond and that is part of the reason we have a no swimming policy, as well as liability concerns.  Alison asked about putting up signs that stated no lifeguard for the liability issue.  Chip Burkett said the board has some new signs that we will be posting soon.  Alison asked about the possibility of a portable potty at the pond.  The overwhelming consensus was no.

Angela Diedrich said clarification is needed about the land surrounding the pond and what is publicly accessible.  There was discussion and Terri Bonham and Jeanie Widner stated that it is the owners responsibility to fence people out of their property and they would need to pay for a survey to determine property lines if they want to put a fence up.  Chip said that the board would address the issue in upcoming meetings.

Mark Pommier asked if some additional gravel could be put down at the turn around by the pond where the picnic tables are.  The Association has some extra road base, which will be used.

 JD Burke, from the PRFD, reminded everyone a permit issued by the FD is required for open burning and then you need to notify the FD when a burn is planned.

OD Perry brought a concern that the old BP Lots were not being maintained for weeds and tall grass, etc.  Florian said he would contact IKAV, the new owners and let them know there was concern.


               Chip said the board is to have 3-5 members and currently has 4, since Susan Wells resigned.  He asked for volunteers.  Lilly Burkett nominated Dan Holloway.  Shane French moved nominations cease, Pat Leroy seconded.  Passed by unanimous voice vote.  Barb Wickman moved to keep all current board members, Duane Nelson seconded and it passed by unanimous voice vote.  Pat LeRoy moved that Dan Holloway be seated on the board as the 5th member, Lilly Burkett seconded and it passed by unanimous voice vote.


              Lilly Burkett and Theresa Herrera volunteered to serve on the committee.  No nominations were needed and no vote required.

Cheryl Clay thanked the board for serving and welcomed everyone to their property for the potluck, with a few informative items before the potluck began. 

Jeanie Widner shared that snail mail is expensive and asked that all who could and had not done so already, provide e-mail addresses to her for PRRLA communications.

OD Perry moved the meeting be adjourned, John Dustin seconded and it passed unanimously with a voice vote at 12:08 p.m.

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