Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting – April 2, 2019

Pine River Ranches Landowners Association Inc.

Board of Directors Meeting – April 2, 2019

18 Pine River Ranch Circle, Bayfield, CO 81122 (Le Roy Residence)

The meeting was called to order by President Jim Clay at 7:00 p.m.

Board members present – Jim Clay, Chip Burkett, Susan Wells and Pat Le Roy.  Florian Walchak was out of town on business.

Guests present – Richard Diedrich

Minutes from the February 12, 2019 meeting were distributed to the board members for any additions and/or corrections.  Minor corrections were made.  The minutes were posted at the mailboxes and on the website.  Chip Burkett moved that the minutes be approved as corrected, second by Susan Wells.  The minutes were approved by a vote of 4-0.

Pat Le Roy presented the Treasurer report.  The balance in the General Account is $41710.68.  The balance in the Winter Account is $2164.21.  The balance in the Reserve Account is $4000.76.  One check was returned for insufficient funds and that landowner has contacted the treasurer for repayment.  An $8.00 bank fee was charged for the returned check.  That cost will be paid by the landowner. 

Chip Burkett moved that the Treasurer report be approved as presented, second by Susan Wells.  The vote to approve was unanimous, 4-0.

Invoices to be paid:  Neils snow removal $560.00;  Pat Le Roy assorted receipts for legal fees both filing and release of liens , recording tapes, certified mailings of notice to file a lien;  American Family Insurance $687.00; and Karen Goicoechea  $88.69 for reimbursement for certified mailings fees charged on the liens but not used.  Susan Wells moved that these invoices be paid, second by Chip Burkett.  The vote to approve was unanimous, 4-0.


Review of current Liens:  Pat Le Roy reported that all of the liens for Lot #45 have been paid.   2019 Annual Assessments uncollected total $1634.00.

Bridge Replacement:

FEMA Grant:  The grant has been submitted and notice from FEMA should be received in May if the grant has been awarded to PRRLA.  The board had asked Danielle Coronado if letters from La Plata County elected officials would help.  She feels that it may be too late in the process to have any bearing on the grant.

BP Land Agreement:  Richard Diedrich will attempt to locate the existing survey pins and if unsuccessful, the Board will need to have BP’s Lots 82 and 83 surveyed for an accurate determination for the easements needed for the bridge.

Line Of Credit:  The board had asked the attorney if the Board has the authority to use the pond as collateral for a construction loan for the bridge. This loan would be for the 25% of the cost of the bridge that is the responsibility of the Association.  In her opinion, the CC&Rs do not give the Board the authority to use the pond collateral.  To do so would require a change to the governing documents.  The Board will continue to explore other options.

Pond Access/use guidelines:   Minor changes were made to the document and distributed to the Board for approval.  Susan Wells moved that this document be approved as presented, second by Chip Burkett.  Vote to approve was unanimous, 4-0.  The document is posted at the mailboxes and on the website.

Good Neighbor Policy:  This document has been posted at the mailboxes and on the website.

End of the Year mailing to Landowners:  The mailing included the President’s letter, 2019 Budget, 2019 Roster, and the Good Neighbor Policy.   It was both mailed by USPS and emailed on March 1, 2019.

Design Committee:  Susan Wells reported that the committee has not been able to meet.  Jim Clay asked the committee to review the driveway requirements and suggested that a culvert minimum diameter be included. 


Notice of Intent to file a Lien:  Notices were mailed to 14 landowners March 13, 2019.  All but 3 landowners paid the 2019 Annual Assessment.  Three liens were filed for Lots 18, 20, and 87.  In addition, two liens for 2018 Annual Assessment had not been paid.  Notices to file a lien for additional year’s interest, legal fees, and mailing costs were mailed March 29, 2019.  If these liens are not paid by the deadline April 15, 2019, the two new liens will be filed.

BIDS FOR DUST ABATEMENT:  Chip Burkett will manage this project.  He will contact Desert Mountain for a bid for the application of DP50.  He also will contact Neils and CRG for bids for the prep work needed prior to the application of the DP50 and any gravel needed for the roads and to clean out the ditches especially on Ludwig Drive.

Steven and Kara Bradford talked with Jim Clay about the snow melt and run off that appeared to be flooding his driveway.  It appears that the culvery beneath the driveway is either clogged or frozen.  Jim Clay will work with the Bradfords to seek a resolution to the problem.

Posts on the Bear Creek culvert on the asphalt lane have been displaced.  Richard Diedrich volunteered to take care of the problem.

Spring Run-off:  PRID has provided the Board a schedule for the release of water from Vallecito Dam.  This schedule will be posted at the mailboxes.  On April 11th the water level will be lowered to 300cfs to allow debris to be removed from the bridge pier.  Scott Click will be contacted to help remove any large trees or other debris.  A notice will be posted at the mailboxes asking for volunteers to help remove all the smaller kinds debris that may be stuck to the pier.

Spring Reminder:  The Board discussed the need to remind residents that with spring comes hungry bears looking for an easy food source.  Trash cans are the main easy target.  The Board is seeking the cooperation of all residents to put out their trash containers the morning of their trash pick up day and not the night before.  This will help to discourage the bears from looking for easy food and spilling trash all over the roads.  Along with bears in the spring come the high winds that blow unsecured trash everywhere.  Keeping trash in a proper container and/or bags is recommended.

Next meeting:  May 14, 2019 at the Le Roy residence

Chip Burkett moved that the meeting be adjourned, second by Susan Wells.  Vote to adjourn was unanimous.  The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

These minutes were approved by a vote of ____________on ______________________.

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