Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting 14 May 2019



18 Pine River Ranch Circle, Bayfield, CO 81122 (Le Roy Residence)

The meeting was called to order by President Jim Clay at 7:03 p.m.

Board of Directors present:  Jim Clay, Chip Burkett, Susan Wells and Pat Le Roy.  Florian Walchak was absent due to travel plans.

There were no guests.

The Minutes of April 2, 2019 were emailed to all board members for any corrections and/or additions.  Minor corrections were made and the minutes were again emailed to the board members for final approval before the minutes were posted at the mailboxes.  Chip Burkett moved that the minutes be approved as corrected, second by Susan Wells.  The vote to approve was 4-0.

Pat Le Roy presented the Treasurer report.  Balance in the General Account is $42303.29.  Balance in the Winter Account is $1606.25.  Balance in the Reserve Account is $4002.76.  One Impact fee was paid by Lot #47 $352.80.  Chip Burkett moved that the Treasurer Report be approved, second by Susan Wells.  Vote to approve 4-0.

Invoices to be paid:  Goldman, Nicholson, and Mack $200.00 for legal opinion regarding using the pond/acreage as collateral for a loan; Pat Le Roy $47.30 cost to file 2 liens plus certified mailing costs.  Susan Wells moved that these invoices be approved for payment, second by Chip Burkett.  Vote to approve 4-0.

Liens Filed:  2 liens were filed for additional years interest on existing liens for nonpayment of annual assessment.  Currently the total amount for all liens filed against 3 landowners is $3896.72.


Grant update:  The latest information is that the grant approval may be received from mid-May to mid-June.

Line of Credit: In order to use the pond/acreage as collateral for loan, a change must be made to the CC&R’s.  Pat Le Roy will contact the attorney for more instructions.

Design Committee:  Susan Wells reported that Lot # 44 landowner had submitted plans to replace the current storage shed on the property.  This structure is in bad shape and unsafe.  The new structure is on skids and will not be permanently attached to the ground.  The owner is seeking a variance for the set back on the side property line to be 10 feet which meets La Plata Country regulations but not the 15 feet set back required by the Association’s governing documents.  The committee met with the landowner and the contractor to see the condition of the current structure and seek a better understanding of the request.  The structure currently houses the equipment for the well.  The committee determined that the cost to move the well within the 15 feet setback would be cost prohibitive and a burden to the landowner.  The Landowner of Lot 45 has verbally expressed that the storage shed set back of 10 feet is not a concern.  The committee prepared a letter that stated that the variance had been granted.  This letter was emailed to the board members for their approval and input.  No board member voiced any concerns.  The letter will be mailed to the landowner

Jim Clay asked that the Design Committee to add a requirement that when a culvert is installed beneath a driveway that it be at least 18” in diameter.

Dust Abatement:  Chip Burkett has received a bid from Desert Mountain for DP 50 at the same strength as last year $11387.20.   CRG’s bid to do the necessary road work prior to the DP50 application is $5940.00 plus the cost of gravel needed in certain areas of the road.  Jim Clay asked if there was a bid to clean the ditches.  Chip Burkett will contact CRG.  The date for the dust abatement has not been set.  These bids were emailed to all board members prior to the meeting for their approval.

Weed Mitigation:  Chip Burkett and Aaron Easley, Horizon Environmental Services, Inc., did a walk around the subdivision to determine the scope of needed weed mitigation.  A bid will be emailed to Chip Burkett.


Annual Meeting:  The Board reviewed the following items to be mailed to the landowners no later that June 25, 2019.  Those items include:  letter from the President, Draft of Proposed 2020 Budget, YTD Financial update, Proxy and agenda.  There may also be an addition to the CC&Rs regarding using the pond/acreage as collateral for a loan that would need to be voted on plus a required ballot.  Discussion items to include: a special assessment for the replacement of the bridge if we are awarded the FEMA grant; Design Committee recommendations for additions or changes to the current document.

Survey of BP Lots near the bridge:  New easements will be necessary from BP.  The board decided to wait until we see if the grant request is awarded to the Association.

Cattle Trespassing on private property:  Jim Clay detailed the property damage caused by the latest invasion of cattle from across the river.  A letter was sent to the rancher’s attorney.

Firearms discharged within the subdivision:  Jim Clay reported that a person at Lot #29 was firing a gun into the river within close proximity to other dwellings and persons creating a dangerous situation.  This was reported to the county sheriff.

Special assessment to finance part of the cost of the bridge replacement:  The board discussed that a Special will be needed but at this time there are too many unknowns to properly assess the amount of money that will be needed.  All agreed that the more information shared with all landowners will be helpful for them in planning for what will probably be a substantial assessment.

Reserve Fund:  The approved 2019 Budget has a line item for $4000.00 to be transferred to the Reserve Account.  This account was established to set aside money to offset the cost of future repairs to the asphalt road.  Susan Wells moved that $4000.00 be transferred from the General Account to the Reserve Fund, second by Chip Burkett.  Vote to approve 4-0.

Next Meeting:  June 18, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. at the Le Roy Residence

Fish Fund:  Pat Le Roy reported that $1450.00 was carried over from 2018.  Many donations were received after the 2018 fish stocking had occurred.  These funds are available now for the 2019 fish stocking.  Jim Clay reported that he has ordered $2000.00 worth of fish.  Donations made be made to either Jim Clay or Pat Le Roy.  The fish are scheduled to arrive early June.

Pat Le Roy reminded the board that she had informed them that she would be hosting 2 fishermen sometime from mid-June to mid-September as a fundraiser for Volunteers of America.  Pat has been a member of the Advisory Council for VOA for 8 years.  When a date has been determined, Pat will contact all landowners along the river side that she will be hosting 2 fisherman who will be made aware of the fishing restrictions for the Pine River.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50 p.m.

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