6/29/2018 Board Minutes

The meeting was called to order by President Jim Clay at 7:00 p.m.

Board Members present:  Jim Clay, John Dustin, Waterman Ormsby lll, and Pat Le Roy.  Rob Mc Laughlin

was absent.

Minutes from June 6, 2018 Monthly Meeting:  The minutes were emailed to all Board members for any additions and/or corrections.  There being none, the minutes were posted on the website and at the mailboxes.  John Dustin moved that the minutes be approved, second by Waterman Ormsby lll.  The vote to approve was unanimous.

Treasurer Report:  Pat Le Roy reported that 3 deposits were made: Impact Fee $3204.40; Fish Fund donations $600.00; $2000.00 lien payments; $120.00 2018 Annual Assessment. One check was written to transfer $2000.00 to the Winter Account.   The balance in the General Account is $65576.28.  The Winter Account balance is $5761.99 after $2000.00 was transferred from the General Account.

Liens Filed or Released:  One lien was filed, two liens were released.

Invoices to be paid:  Pat Le Roy submitted two invoices for payment- Goff Engineering for the Bridge Report $1776.00; Pat Le Roy Lien Filing/Release fees $54.00, Annual Meeting copy supplies $21.94, and $169.07 governing document copies and mailing expense for a total of $245.01.  John Dustin moved that these invoices be paid, second by Waterman Ormsby lll.  Vote to approve payment was unanimous. Jim Clay submitted two invoices which he previously had paid for payment by the Association – Rainbow Springs Trout Farm $1200.00 and new speed limit signs $ 123.00 for a total of $1323.00.  John Dustin moved that these invoice be approved for payment to Jim Clay, second by Waterman Ormsby lll.  Vote to approve payment was unanimous.  Waterman Ormsby lll, asked if the Association would pay the cost of the posters he will make for the bridge presentation.  John Dustin moved that the Association pay for the cost of the posters up to $100.00, second by Pat Le Roy.  The vote to approve was unanimous.

Karen and Julio Goicoechea were hand delivered a letter which included a payment plan to retire the liens that have been filed against their property.  Karen Goicoechea contacted Pat Le Roy with an initial payment of $2000.00 which was accepted.  The remaining liens initial would be paid over a six month time frame.  The Goicoecheas asked if that payment could be renegotiated.  After discussing the matter, John Dustin moved that the Board accept the payment suggested by the Goicoecheas, second by Waterman Ormsby lll.  The vote to approve was unanimous.  Pat Le Roy will draft a letter stating the terms agreed to by the Board and email to the other Board members before contacting the Goicoecheas.

A Notice of Intent to File a Lien will be mailed to a landowner who has not contacted the Board and has made infrequent payments for the 2018 Annual Assessment.  John Dustin moved that the Board send a Notice of Intent to File a Lien, second by Waterman Ormsby lll.  The vote to approve was unanimous.


CHIP AND SEAL – Jim Clay reported that the application will occur sometime the week of July 16th.   Jim Clay spoke with an owner of the Pick Bar ranch about using some road fill to shore up the shoulder of the asphalt road where there are sharp drop-offs.  He has contacted Four Corner about the cost and will have a bid by Monday.  He will email the bid to the other board members for their input and/or approval.

DUST ABATEMENT DISCUSSION AT THE ANNUAL MEETING – Waterman Ormsby lll, received bids from both Desert Mountain for the dust abatement application and from CRG for the road work prior to the application.  These bids will be submitted to the membership at the Annual Meeting for their review.

SPEED LIMIT SIGNS – Jim Clay has the new signs for the approach to the bridge and for a sign to be posted on north Ludwig Drive to inform residents what the speed limit is as they travel south.

IMPACT FEES – One partial payment is outstanding and due June 30, 2018.  Jim Clay will contact the landowner.

ANNUAL MEETING REVIEW AND MAILINGS –  The Bridge Inspection report was mailed/emailed June 14th, and the Annual meeting information including the governing documents were mailed/emailed June 18th and June 19th.   The Board reviewed the items needed for the annual meeting and board members volunteered for certain tasks.

INTERNET – John Dustin reported that Cedar Network has run into a problem to obtain an easement for their equipment.  Jim Clay will follow up with AlignTech.


Gwen Gold had contacted Pat Le Roy for clarification regarding a 2 story structure.  Her question:  does a loft qualify as a second story and is the square footage for the first story 700 sq. ft?    The second story has to be heated and the ceiling has to be tall enough to qualify as usable living space and not attic storage.  Pat Le Roy will relay the information to Gwen Gold.

Next Meeting – to be set by the newly elected Board of Directors.

Meeting adjourned at 8:10 p.m.

These minutes were approved by a vote of ____________ of ___________.



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