2016 Annual Meeting Minutes

The  Pine River Ranches Landowners Association, Inc.

2O16 Annual Meeting- Saturday July 9 ,2O16  1O:OO am

Location: Pat and Ken LeRoy’s Residence 18 Pine River Ranch Circle, Bayfield, Colorado 81122


The meeting was called to order by President John Salsbury at 1O:16 am. All landowners signed in and proxies were counted. A quorum was reached with 46 landowners. The meeting was recorded on tape in its entirety.

Introduction of new landowners; Steve Harris, John and Janice Walker.

John thanked Pat and Ken LeRoy for hosting the meeting.


Minutes from the June 13, 2O16 meeting were posted online, mailed, and emailed to board members.  Jim Clay made a motion to approve the minutes and John Dustin seconded.  Minutes approved.


Treasurer’s report read by Pat LeRoy.  The treasurer’s report had been mailed to all Landowners prior to the meeting. Pat said there has not been much of a change since the mailing went out. General Fund $ 22,376.77, Winter account $3,876.44, administrative expenses $185.62,  annual meeting $19O.OO, bridge maintenance $ 1141.93, equipment $816.61, insurance $691.OO, misc. expense $ 35.85, mowing $523.91, road work $ 1O, 766.9O, weed mitigation $1O99.23, fish fund donations $4OO, Lien Payments $599.56.   John Dustin moved to approve treasurer’s report, seconded by Jim Clay.  Approved.

Pat LeRoy mentioned that due to the large number of items on the agenda, the association may like to limit the discussion to a time limit. Richard Young discussed that some items required a larger time limit.  Dan Pope made a motion to limit the discussion to 3 minutes. A vote ensued. It was approved to limit discussion to 3 minutes but someone can give their time to another.



Discussion and Update:


Road work, Culverts, Ditch work- John Salsbury discussed roadwork application of lignon sulfonate.  This may be applied in the fall. The culvert on north Ludwig is planned for August. Steve Harris asked the question of the cost of a fall dust abatement application.


Bridge- Insurance claim, Repair Abutment: Waste Management hit the bridge and damaged the railing  and garland in December. An insurance claim was filed and paid. Rotten timbers were removed and replaced with large pit run. More material will be added to the shoulders of the paved road near bridge abutments for asphalt support.


High Speed Internet: Centurylink has not upgraded the infrastructure to our subdivision.  John can not reach anyone and has not had a response.



Asphalt Road- Several landowners have expressed interest in having the roads paved.  John presented yearly average numbers for both gravel road maintenance and new paving.  $ 15,75O currently spent on gravel roads.  $15,OOO to maintain current asphalt.  $5O2,56O to pave entire loop,  $5,64O per lot landowner.  Questions were asked to clarify numbers by Landowners.  John Dustin said $72,OOO projected to maintain.  Cost to pave from bridge to Y in road at intersection of circle $11O,OOO. John Dustin proposed that we maintain current road maintenance and dust abatement applications.  Claudia Benzi mentioned that rain last year was hard on the road.  AJ brought up that if the roads were paved they would have drive too fast.  Jim Clay proposed that we raise dues to cover a twice year dust abatement treatment.  Angela Dietrich mentioned the cost on the current paved section of Ludwig is expensive.  Jim Clay mentioned that after a hard rain, we need to slow down to avoid road damage. Dan Pope mentioned that we should place a sign for trucks to slow down when wet. Dan Pope made a motion to continue with current road treatment, seconded by many others.  Approved.


Vandalism- mailboxes were vandalized at Christmas and a package was stolen. A  report was filed with the sheriff’s department. A gamecam was placed for surveillance,  then was stolen.  Pat LeRoy had vandalism to her irrigation system. Pick Bar ranch has had vandalism which they are accusing persons in our neighborhood.  This is why in part why they closed off the parking lot.  Please be aware and watch out for your neighbors.


Solar Array Systems- John Dustin took the floor to present the direction of solar array systems.  He emailed and posted it on the notice board.  He assumes everyone has read.  Judy Clark read a letter from Sandra Pratt.  In summary she feels that the current board members do not have the right to create a new amendment to CC&Rs or bylaws.  John Dustin stated that current law is that board members may make policies and procedures.  It is a state law.  The board does not and is not able to make bylaws.  Claudia Benzi asked why the solar array was not addressed a year ago and why it has gotten out of control.  Pat LeRoy mentioned that the guidelines we are discussing are for the future.  The request from a new Landowner for solar guidelines prompted this discussion of what landowners want for future solar arrays.  Jim Clay asked if roof solar panels would need architectural guidelines.  John Salsbury replied no.  John Dustin said that our by -laws state that any above ground structure should be presented to the board for architectural review.  Chris Kauffman asked if the county approved the solar why the board wouldn’t approve.  John Salsbury mentioned that the county does not require permits for solar arrays.  John Dustin stated that our current bylaws state that any structure must be brought before the board and architectural review.  Claudia Benzi mentioned that placement of solar panels should be discussed with neighbors that may be affected.  John Salsbury agreed.  Jim Clay brought up that when he was on the board that he recommended that people talk to their neighbors when making changes to above ground structures.  Richard Benzi read a letter by Richard Young that several landowners signed. The letter may be obtained from Richard Young.  Richard Young took the floor. He was responding to John Dustin’s letter. Please see John Dustin’s letter. Richard Young argued and negated each point of John Dustin’s letter. Richard Young stated that a roof installation is not feasible for all homes and roofs.  He feels we should follow legal restrictions enforced by the State.  Jim Clay asked if a motion has been made to discuss.  Jim stated we are doing this backwards.  He feels that each person should consider their neighbors.  Jim made a motion that this become part of the by laws.  Jim Clay and Richard Young debated the issue.  Jim Clay stated that this is a step toward guidelines for solar panels.  Dan Pope commented.  Chip asked is a solar panel is a structure.  John Salsbury said yes the county states a solar array is a structure.  Chip Burkett said that a solar array is a structure and should go through the board.  Dede Shipman said that more specific guidelines than we have currently in our by-laws are needed.  The board did what was within by laws. Richard stated that more definition is needed for guidelines.  He said that the motion was made and now we should vote. John Dustin said we don’t think they should all be on a roof.  According to by-laws these structures should be brought before the board.  Jim Clay gave direction to the motion. Do we have a motion to suspend discussion on this subject? NO.  Discussion ensued.  AJ Boyle said that there is ambiguity in the current by laws.  He felt we should wait a year and more discussion is needed.  Barb Wickman stated she feels that  we do need to have a design committee and covenants and she is trusting the board to make good decisions for her.  She would like to come up with something decided today that we all can work with.  Dan Pope stated that we should vote on elevating the Solar Array Policy and Procedure to By law status.  He made a motion that we approve the stated solar array policy into a by law with the intent of pursuing more in depth guidelines in conformance with state laws and neighbor concerns.  The result of the paper vote: 4O YES, 4 NO.  Votes were tallied by Judy Bergman, Barb Wickman, and Dan Pope.



Fish Fund- Pat LeRoy mentioned that anyone may contribute to the fish fund.



Nomination for Board of Directors: John Dustin was nominated by Pat LeRoy, Pat LeRoy by Ken LeRoy, John Salsbury  by Dan Pope, Jim Clay by John Dustin, Ormsby Waterman lll by Chip Burkett. Vicky Mullins by Susan McLaughlin.  Angie Pommier by John Dustin.


Election of Board of Directors- Paper ballots were distributed and counted by Barb Wickman, Judy Bergman and Dan Pope. The results were:  Pat LeRoy, John Dustin, Angie Pommier, Jim Clay and Waterman Ormsby.


Meeting Adjourned- A motion was made to adjourn the meeting by John Salsbury,  seconded by  John Dustin and Jim Clay. The meeting adjourned at  12:49 pm.