2015 Annual Meeting Minutes

Pine River Ranches Landowners Association Annual Meeting Minutes

June 13, 2O15    1O:OO am

Location: 58O Pine River Ranch Circle Bayfield, CO


Meeting called to order at  1O:16 am  by President John Salsbury

Landowners in attendance  : 4O .

We only have enough landowners to have a business meeting, not a quorum for an Annual meeting. Jim Clay made a motion to close the annual meeting and open the business meeting. Seconded by John Dustin. John Salsbury opened the business meeting.

River Status: River was up at 3OOO csf last night, has been held back to 26OO csf this morning.

Introduction of New Landowners: Granville  and Siobhan Conway , Arthur Boyle,  Chris Stiles, June Santon, and Jaci Ulmer.

Weed Information presented by Rod Cook from the La Plata County Extension office. Brochures and weed samples provided.  Subdivision map of noxious weeds available to view on table. Rod discussed Drought,  disturbance , grazing and weeds. He has a brochure discussing it. Due to drought native grasses die, weed seeds are opportunistic. We have mustard seed taking over every space in the county. He collected weeds in our neighborhood. Geranium, common mallow was discussed. Annual , biennial and perennial weeds discussed. You must keep up with weed control yearly despite previous years’ efforts. Diffuse knapweed is particularly invasive. Rod brought participants to samples of weeds on his truck.

John Salsbury stated that the neighborhood will not be spraying weeds. The neighborhood will be mowing around the pond.

Approve Minutes from the June 14, 2O14 Annual Meeting.  Minutes mailed out, no corrections. John Dustin moved to approve, seconded by OD Perry. All approved

Treasurers Report presented by Pat Le Roy : see Treasurers Report for details ,read by Pat Le Roy due to a malfunctioning printer.  Motion made by Jim Clay, seconded by OD Perry. Approved.

Treasurers Report:  General Account Balance: $13,164.O2

Winter Account Balance:  $2,659.63

Income: $27,64O.OO

One Lien Filed: $54O.14

Total Liens: $5467.35

Expenses: Road Work: $ 21,127.28

AD: $2O3.73


Annual Mtg: $17O.OO

Insurance: $7O5.OO

Misc. Exp:  $59.96

Snow Removal: $372O.OO

Total: $ 25,985.96

Transfer to Winter Account for Fall snow: $25OO.OO


Discussion and Updates:


Culverts / Ditch work on Ludwig Drive : John Salsbury discusses 5 culverts replace and ditches cleared. Ran out of money for culvert at north end of Ludwig by subdivision 1. We Will replace soon. We have added dirt to build up road to pond. Will add to that.  Added road base to mailboxes. Will add more road base. Duck Spring Trail will have gravel added and graded. No plans to add any more road work to plans. Pot hole s will be filled. John will rent mower to mow roads. All volunteers to mow, trim trees will be appreciated. Dust Abatement by Desert Mountain. Unfortunately right before heavy rains so potholes are evident.


Dust Abatement


Pond- Richard Diedrich: Intermittent leak. Richard has been filling in with wheel barrows of fill.  It was once a rock quarry. In time has filled up with water. Pipe was added straight into pond, used as drainage. With time the pipe rusted lower down in pipe. With the leak, water is draining out to lower pond level.  Excavator looked at it 2 years ago.  Assessment $1O,OOO – $15,OOO to replace pipe. So crushed pipe and filled in with fill. It worked for about a year. Small sinkholes developed over hump. Richard has continued to fill with wheelbarrow, but would like to fill with more fill. Excavator has not responded to reexamine. Proposal to use backhoes and fill dirt and volunteers to add loads of fill at once to buy a couple of years. John Salsbury said to do this when pond is lower.  John Dustin discussed to get a load of clay.  John Salsbury said pond liner is available but very expensive. Richard asked do we want him to look into options for this to keep the pond full. We are looking for a longer term solution that is not so expensive. Dick Benzi mentioned bentonite as an option. John Salsbury agreed it was a good option. Board will discuss this option. After the crushed pipe the excess ditch is still in use.


Bridge: OD Perry has noted rotting timbers holding back dirt against road preventing erosion. We will monitor and replace beams , and add rocks as needed. OD said road inspector from Department of Transportation looked at it and said it needs attention.


High Speed Internet: John said he tried to get fiber optics here.  Forest Lakes has 15-2O Mbps.  Century Link said they do not have the budget money this year.  Skywerx is another option but they would have to put up a tower. So, no high speed internet this year.


Fish Fund: delay date of stocking due to high water levels, Anyone can contribute by mailing to our post office box or Pat Le Roy at house. Usually need $16OO.


Logs on bridge were pulled out and another by mailbox if anyone will volunteer to chainsaw and move.

Nominations for Board of Directors: John Salsbury, Pat Le Roy and Susan McLaughlin are willing to stay on the board for another year. John Dustin and Shane French have volunteered to serve this coming year. Motion to approve Terry Bonham seconded by Ruben Sanchez.


John made a motion to open for discussion. Rob McLaughlin asked if we want to give a donation to the upper pine for their bridge help. John Dustin said we have been good to them by letting them use our pond for exercises. Pat LeRoy said we have donated when using their building for our meetings. OD Perry said they did an exceptional job, filling sand bags and the guy who got in the river in a wet suit and chainsaw. Jim Clay said we should write a letter of appreciation to the newspaper to thank them.  They probably saved our bridge.  Judy Clark thanked  John Salsbury, Rob McLaughlin and Bryan Schuman for removing logs on the bridge last Sunday.  John Dustin discussed alternate route out of neighborhood on top of subdivision 1 to Texas Creek Road.  Richard Diedrich discussed road by bridge south but better fire escape.  Rough Rider not usable.  If there was an emergency, county would open all exits . Evacuation routes will be discussed and formally presented at board meetings.  Jim Clay discussed need to clean culvert over Bear Creek to maintain.

John Salsbury concluded the meeting.  OD Perry made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Jim Clay, meeting adjourned at 11:38 am.