2014 Annual Meeting Minutes

Pine River Ranches Landowners Association, Inc.

2014 Annual Meeting – June 14, 2014

Cheryl and Jim Clay’s residence – 580 Pine River Ranch Circle, Bayfield, CO 81122


The meeting was called to order by President Shane French at 10:15 a.m.

Roy Vreeland from the Upper Pine River Fire Department presented an update regarding fire mitigation in the area.  The plans to do some fire mitigation within the subdivision have been on hold due to the high winds and lack of moisture.  He answered questions that landowners had regarding fire mitigation.


The meeting began with a quorum of 32 landowners present and 13 landowners who sent their proxies to be voted by landowners in attendance at the meeting.


Minutes from the 2012 Annual meeting due to the lack of a quorum were not approved at the meeting in 2013 .  The 2012 Minutes were mailed to all landowners, posted at the mailboxes and on the website.  Richard Young moved that the minutes be approved; second by John Dustin.  The voice vote to approve was unanimous.


Pat LeRoy presented the year to date financial report.  The balance in the General Account is $9349.98; the balance in the Winter Account is $2239.46.  Expenses total $22680.93.  Invoices to be paid total $1281.88.  Estimated expenses total $4800.00.  Accounts Receivable (liens filed) $5077.93.  Richard Young moved that the Treasurer Report be approved as presented; second by Tuck Bonham.  Vote to approve was unanimous.


Shane French reported that the sealant had been applied to the asphalt lane.  This application should last up to 5 years with only regular maintenance (filling potholes) required.


Shane French reported that a maintenance application of DP50 Dust Abatement had been applied to the gravel road.  Funds were not available at the time of scheduling to purchase a full application of the product.  A full application will be applied next year.


Discussion – Roads

The road from the bridge to the intersection of Ludwig Drive and Pine River Ranch Circle was discussed.  This historically has been one of the most difficult areas to maintain with the curve and water seepage contributing to the problem. One option available is to pave that area for an estimated cost of $39,000.00.  Another option is to continue to apply the DP50 dust abatement product to the gravel roads.  After a lively discussion of both pros and cons, a show of hands indicated that 10 landowners were in favor of paving this area; a show of hands in favor of continuing the dust abatement product indicated a majority want to continue with the DP50 product.  Regardless, all of the roads need regular maintenance.  An information statement re:  Cost comparison of the gravel roads/asphalt road work from 2008 to 2013 was included in the annual meeting notification.  Those costs are:  Gravel/dust abatement $53539.00; asphalt road $76759.00.


An additional road discussion item was the speed limit within the subdivision.  Several people made comments regarding the high speed residents are driving and the lack of common courtesy shown to people on horseback, riding bikes, and walking.  One longtime resident remarked that people no long wave to their neighbors.  It was suggested that individuals talk to those people who are driving too fast.  Another option was to place speed bumps or dips in the road.


The roads will be an item for discussion again next year.


Ditch work on Ludwig Drive – There continues to be a problem with runoff water coming down the hillside and driveways  on the west side of Ludwig Drive.  Culverts along that area are either not installed at all or installed incorrectly.  Letters have been sent to those landowners with no response.  The board has a bid of $100.00 an hour to do the ditch work, plus the cost of the needed culverts and gravel.  The utilities in that area are visible on the ground or are only 4” underground.  Yearly maintenance will be required to keep the culverts clean.  A voice vote to take care of this problem was unanimous.


Nominations for Board of Directors –The following people were nominated: Susan McLaughlin, Tawnya Jacobson, John Salsbury, Richard Benzi, and Pat LeRoy.  John Dustin moved that the nominations be closed;  second by Dan Pope.  O. D. Perry moved that the slate of nominees be elected by acclamation.  The vote to elect this Board of Directors was unanimous.


Open Discussion – Patty Mahoney informed the landowners of a situation on her property which occurred in early April.  Two baited traps were set on her property with one fox being trapped and killed.  She voiced her concern for those residents who regularly walk in that area and also for herself.  This was done without her permission.  Dan Pope also shared an experience on his property with fox.

Fish Fund – Fish stocking of the pond and river will occur the first week in July.  Those who wish to contribute to the fish fund are asked to make their donations soon so the fish may be ordered.  Those donations may be given to Pat LeRoy, Jim Clay, or Shane French.


John Dustin moved that the meeting be adjourned:  second by Glen Watson.  The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 a.m.


Shane French invited all to attend the potluck lunch at the close of the meeting.


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