2011 Annual Meeting Minutes




Clay Residence – 580 Pine River Ranch Circle, Bayfield, CO 81122


Prior to the commencement of the Annual meeting the Upper Pine River Fire Department Chief addressed homeowners regarding fire mitigation throughout the subdivision.  He shared briefly what mitigation would look like and how the funding, with the help of Federal grant monies, would play out.  He encouraged homeowners to drive through Forest Lakes where they have begun the mitigation process and have a posted test lot where individuals can see firsthand what completed fire mitigation looks like.



President Jim Clay called the meeting to order at 10:20 AM.  Board Members present: Jim Clay, Richard Diedrich, Pat LeRoy and Margaret Christiansen.  There was a quorum of lot owners present.


The Minutes from the July 10, 2010 Annual meeting were reviewed. Stephanie McCain moved that the minutes be approved.  Bruce Hendrix seconded the motion.  The minutes were approved unanimously.


Pat LeRoy presented the Treasurer’s report. The balance in the General Account is $7,181.44.  The balance in the Winter Account is 2,698.12.   2010 Annual Assessment from Alpha lots $1,560.00. Sub #1 $1,380.00.  Sub #2 $17,880.00.  There was an impact fee of $365.39.  An additional $700.00 collected from a past due Special Assessment for the culvert.  There was $9.00 interest earned on the General Acct. and $.93 interest earned on the Winter Acct.   Administrative expenses $264.57.  Insurance paid $500.00.  Road work $21,234.71.  Snow removal $1,862.50.  Winter road work $63.64.  There is $200.00 credit year for the fish fund next year.  Lien recovery payment $512.97.


Unpaid 2011 Annual Assessments as of July 15, 2011.  Sub #2 – Liens filed $1,785.40.  Unpaid 2010 Annual Assessment – Liens filed $1,095.08.  Unpaid Special Assessment/Culvert $2,048.00.  Total Assessments plus interest, penalties, and filing fees $4,928.48.


O.D. Perry moved that the Treasurer report be approved.  Stephanie McCain seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.


Richard Diedrich gave an update on an emergency exit.  Richard said the two North possible routes were not an option at this time.  The most favorable north route is not an option due to lack of consent from Landowner.  The second North route option is much less desirable due to steepness and ruggedness of the terrain, although an option, it would have significant costs involved to clear the way.  Two South routes available are Rough Rider, which is also not a very viable route due to the steepness and terrain, and the second South route, owned by BP, located just West of the bridge.  The second South route is the most conducive route, however, there still remain hurdles to be crossed with BP.  At this time they have given permission for emergency vehicle access only.  Richard and Rob McLaughlin are working on arranging a face-to-face meeting with BP to see if this can be worked out.


Richard Diedrich read a proposed Motor Vehicle Policy to HOA members. The purpose of this policy is not to forbid operating certain motorized vehicles but to define and clarify responsible behavior ensuring their safe and legal use in Pine River Ranches. The Policy addresses speed, private land, common land, pedestrian safety, road damage and motor vehicle safety.


Richard Young motioned to approve the proposed Motor Vehicle Policy.  Jim McCain seconded the motion.  Discussion was open.  Motioned passed unanimously.  This Policy will officially be added to the Association’s Policies & Procedures effective July 16, 2011.


Jim Clay gave an update on Roads.  Jim reiterated a recommendation from Neil’s Construction of road grading three times per year.  Jim also addressed the use of a mag chloride/tree sap blend for use throughout the subdivision to maintain roads as well as dust control.  Approximate cost $ .40 per gallon or $ .40 per lineal ft., which works out to approximately  $2,100.00 per mile, materials only.  There are approximately two miles of road throughout the subdivision, this would run around $4,045.00, materials only, to complete the job.


Glenn Watson motioned to have the Board proceed investigating and act appropriately based on the information presented.  Ted Davis seconded the motion.  The motioned passed unanimously.


Jim Clay addressed bridge repair.  The entire decking surface, both the upper decking, as well as the cross timbers, need replacing.  In 1988 the timbers had a life expectancy of 20 years.  The beams are 12’ wide; the I Beams underneath are 6’ apart, which allows for 3’ of cantilevering over each item.  Driving should be centered along the treads going across.  Jim Clay has talked to Neil’s and several other contractors regarding the Bridge repair.  Neil’s Construction was the only company to come out and submit a bid.  The estimated bid is $17,000.00 for both material and labor. (Materials $10,000. Labor $7,000.00)


The Board proposed a Special Assessment for Capital Improvements for bridge repairs of $200.00 per lot.


There was discussion and a letter read from John Dustin stating the possible salvage of some of the underlying timbers.  Consensus amongst landowners was to replace all underlying timbers alleviating the need to address future repairs.


Glenn Watson motioned to continue the investigation and if feasible, to replace tread material with a Trex type product.  Barb Wickman seconded the motion.  Motion passed unanimously.


The Board motioned to approve a Special Assessment of $200.00 to fund bridge repair.


Mitch Higgins moved to vote, by ballot, on the Special Assessment of $200.00 per lot for bridge repair.  Barb Wickman seconded the motion.  Motion passed unanimously.


Nominations for new Board members; Richard Young and Shane French.  Board members Jim Clay, Pat LeRoy and Richard Diedrich have agree to remain on the Board.


O.D. Perry motioned to close nominations.  Bruce Hendrix seconded the motion.  Motion passed unanimously.


O.D. Perry motioned to accept those nominated by acclimation.  Barb Wickman seconded the motion.  Motion passed unanimously.


Barb Wickman opened discussion regarding the fire mitigation and whether or not to move forward.  Bruce Hendrix motioned to move forward with the fire mitigation plan for a cost of up to $1,500.00.  Barb Wickman seconded the motion.  Motion passed unanimously.


Ballots for the vote on a Special Assessment for bridge repair were counted.  The Special Assessment passed unanimously.


Dan Pope inquired about those in violation of the CC&R’s.  Jim Clay gave an update.  The woodshed in violation is being addressed and will be rectified.  The chicken coop is still pending. The Goicoechea lot is still pending as well.   A letter, penned by Ken LeRoy, regarding the condition of the Goicoechea lot, was read aloud.  It stated the unsightly appearance of the lot.  The letter was made available to HOA members to sign to show their disapproval of lot condition as well.  Jim Clay will deliver this letter to the Goicoechea’s.


Bruce Hendrix moved to adjourn the meeting.  Jarod Boehm seconded the motion. Meeting adjourned at 12:00 PM






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