2010 Annual Meeting Minutes

Pine River Ranches Landowners Association
Minutes of the Annual Meeting of July 10, 2010

Upper Pine Fire Department Administration Building, Bayfield
1. Meeting was called to order at 10 am by Board President John Wickman. Board members in
attendance: John Wickman, Barb Wickman, Carla Tanner. Thirty four (34) lots were represented
in person or by proxy.
2. John Wickman gave a quick report on the past year overall, describing it as very busy for the
Board with a lot of snow fall and snow removal issues, the Bear Creek culvert incident, and the
recent bridge damage by the Schwann’s truck. Jim Clay added details to the description of how
Neil’s Excavation repaired the Bear Creek culvert. Barbara Wickman described how the Special
Assessment to pay for the repairs was calculated so that collecting from a simple majority of the
Subdivision 2 lot owners and a few other owners would provide the cash to pay for repairs to date
and that collection from the rest of the Subdivision 2 lot owners would provide funds to repair the
asphalt at Bear Creek and to replace funds from the General Account that had already been paid
to Neil’s, thus allowing the subdivision to patch potholes and adding a larger patch as asphalt in a
thin area as was originally in the annual budget.
3. John Wickman described the Schwann’s truck incident which damaged the south railing of the
bridge over the Pine River. Schwann’s has agreed to pay for repairs and approved a bid from
D&S Construction. D&S has ordered and received the necessary materials. They plan to fabricate
the new railing on Monday July 12 and to install it on July 13. Residents are asked to limit travel
and expect delays at the bridge on Tuesday the 13th.
4. John Dustin read from the PRR Declaration of the CCR’s (the recorded document) in Article 7
where the language gives the Board the authority to impose a Special Assessment to pay for
capital repairs. Pat LeRoy spoke to confirm that her understanding is that the Board has the
authority to impose a Special Assessment and so liens can be placed on lot owners who have not
paid the recently imposed Special Assessment for the Bear Creek culvert repair.
5. Carla Tanner gave a Financial Report. The Winter Account has $2125.75 in it, and the General
Account has over $9900 in it. In addition, Carla has recently received some checks which are not
included in those amounts. The Association has paid all bills except for reimbursing the
Wickmans for expenses they paid in the course of preparing and mailing the Special Assessment.
John Dustin moved to approve the Financial Report as presented. Pat LeRoy seconded the
motion. The motion was approved unanimously.
6. Carla reported that she had not received Annual Assessment payments from about 5 lots but was
planning to send liens out in the near future.
7. Claudia Benzie asked about the obligation of persons other than Subdivision 2 owners to pay.
There was discussion on the matter. John Dustin moved to direct the Board of Directors to
undertake to collect the $350 Special Assessment amount from all the regular users of the lane
and stated he would volunteer to assist with the process.
Pat LeRoy seconded the motion, and the motion was approved unanimously.
8. Dan Pope asked about publishing the names of those who hadn’t paid and John Wickman
responded that he was in favor of such an action. Carla Tanner reported that approximately 15 lot
owners in Subdivision 2 have not paid the Special Assessment to date. Rob McLaughlin asked
about timing of getting the liens filed and John Wickman responded that the new Board should
get the liens filed as soon as possible.
9. Board members and property owners discussed the cost and timing of asphalt work and various
means to pay for it including asking members to prepay next year’s annual assessment and taking
on debt.
John Dustin moved that the Association go forward with the $17,000 scope of work as presented
and consider an array of funding options. Dan Pope seconded the motion. Further discussion
ensued regarding the amount of money in the General Fund, the amount not yet paid on Annual
and Special Assessments, the need for asphalt work, the possibility of a second Special
Assessment, the extra costs to landowners who have liens filed against them, and annual dues.
Carla Tanner reiterated that collecting on the Special Assessment would provide enough funds for
the full asphalt project as it was bid in May. Pat LeRoy clarified that a lien includes a 25%
penalty and 15% interest per year, also that a second lien can be filed to impose a subsequent
penalty if the lien is not satisfied after one calendar year.
John Wickman restated John Dustin’s motion and a vote was taken. The motion passed
10. John Wickman called for New Business. Ken LeRoy reported that he is replacing his redwood
deck with Trex and expects to have some usuable 16’ 2×6’s which he would donate to the
Association for repair to the bridge.
John Dustin commented that the two test pieces of Trex currently on the bridge are holding up
well and asked if we could plan on using more Trex in the future.
Claudia Benzie asked about policy and practice regarding parked vehicles.
11. John Wickman called for discussion and recommendation regarding the 2010-2011 Budget: Carla
Tanner suggested using the 2009-2010 budget. Jim Clay pointed out the insurance costs had
increased. John Wickman commented that we may not need $3000 for gravel this year.
Dan Pope moved to approve the 2009-2010 budget as the 2010-2011 budget with the
amendments to increase insurance to $500 and decrease gravel to $2800. John Dustin seconded.
The motion passed unanimously.
12. John Dustin reported that he had hit a wall with BP in getting an emergency egress to the south
approved. Other landowners on the proposed route are ok with language that had been worked up.
BP wants edits that are “180 degrees from where we were.”
13. John Wickman called for election of new Directors. Pat LeRoy, Jim Clay, and Margaret
Christiansen accepted nominations. Dan Pope and Rob McLaughlin agreed to share a position
because Dan lives in Texas during the winter months. Although not present at the meeting,
Richard Diedrich was also nominated.
14. John Wickman asked for a motion from the current Directors to ratify the Special Assessment of
$350 per lot to pay for the repairs related to the bear Creek culvert washout. Barbara Wickman
made such a motion. Carla Tanner seconded the motion. The three current Directors approved the
motion 3-0. Glen Watson noted that the letter that went out to lot owners regarding the Special
Assessment stated that payment would be considered approval, so if we have a majority of lots
paying the Special Assessment, we have majority lot owner approval of the Special Assessment.
Carla and Barbara agreed that more than a majority of lot owners in Subdivision 2 have paid the
Special Assessment, thus evidencing their approval.
15. John Dustin moved that nominations for new Directors be closed and a vote taken to approve the
slate on the table. O.D. Perry seconded the motion. The motion was approved unanimously.
16. John Dustin moved to adjourn the meeting at 11:10 am. Dan Pope seconded. The motion was
unanimously approved.
These minutes were approved by the Board by a vote of _______ on ______________________.
Board President
Board Secretary