2/17/2010 Board Minutes

Pine River Ranches Landowners’ Association Board Meeting

February 17, 2010

Approved Secretary Minutes



The meeting was called to order at 7:06 pm. Board members present were Jim Clay, Richard Diedrich, Carla Tanner, John Wickman and Mike Walcher.   No other members were present.


The minutes from the January 20, 2009 Board meeting were read.  A motion was made, seconded and approved to accept the January 20, 2009 minutes as amended.


Treasurers Report:  Carla reported that we have received a total of $13,940.00 in assessments.  There is now $15,566.93 in the general account and $2,445.75 in the winter account.  Carla needed two board signatures on the check in order to transfer $5,000.00 into the winter account so that won’t be done until next week. Another invoice from Neil’s Excavation was received in the amount of $2,855.00 for snow removal through January 23.  We now owe Neil’s a total of $5,320.00 for snow removal so far this season, which will come out of the winter account after adding the $5,000.00.  The board approved paying that latest invoice.  Carla has not yet sent the $1,000 invoice to the COGCC as a road impact fee for the use of the road and bridge last summer to transport heavy equipment to BP’s Hoyer property in order to drill a methane monitor well.  Carla and John will work together to get that invoice out asap.


Assessments:  After February 1, any unpaid assessments are delinquent.  Unfortunately, Carla’s computer w/ the backup disk crashed.  It’s not back yet from being repaired and so we don’t know who has and hasn’t paid.  We may have to rely on the online banking to get copies of the checks we’ve received so we can determine who is delinquent.  Carla will look into online banking services with our bank. The board approved a form of delinquency notice.  Jim will work with Carla to get those notices out as soon as possible.


Old Business


Roads and Snow Removal: The board discussed Neil Excavation’s performance.  The snow needs to be moved back far enough to have a two lane road for safety (fire) access.  Neil’s is the only contractor with the equipment that can keep the road cleared to that degree.  Carla confirmed that in her discussions with other contractors she found that Neil’s is the only one with the necessary equipment.  The road is showing new potholes but it will likely be spring before we can assess and repair them.  Mike asked if we can post the board’s plans for road repair at the mail boxes in order to keep the residents informed about road repairs.


Availability of Association Documents: Mike sent the current certificate of liability insurance to Nancy Young to be posted on the website.  Jim will look for the articles of incorporation.


Bridge:  The new signs have been installed and the invoice (for less than $150.00 as previously approved) still has not been received.  Richard will follow up.


Enforcing the CC&R’s:  Jim submitted two notice of violation for approval.   They are for non-operative vehicles.  Mike needs to post something on the website that says notices of violation will not be posted to the website but are available to view by contacting the secretary.


Biennial Review of Financial Books and Records:  Jim will be asking Pat LeRoy to review the association’s financial books and records for the past 2 years as required by the Policies and Procedures.  The audit must begin before the end of February 2010 and must be completed before the annual meeting.  Carla will coordinate with last year’s Treasurer, Chip Burkett, to compile the information required for the review.


Laptop Computer:  The board is still evaluating the cost of buying a laptop computer. We discussed the need to regularly back up the association data.  The problem Carla has had with her computer recently just demonstrates how important it is to back up our data.  Mike may donate a back up drive.


Correspondence from Residents: 


1) Notice from Conrad Granito that he conveyed his property (Lot 21, Subdivision 2) to his wife, Julia A. Granito.  Mike has changed our records and Carla has mailed an assessment to Julia Granito.


2) Letter from attorney representing Henry Wommer, who is the heir of Hank Wommer.  They are disputing the assessment and appear confused about the lot designation for Mr. Wommer’s property (Lot I, not Lot 1).  Carla still needs to contact the attorney to resolve.


3) Letter from Patricia Schuler-Mahaney disputing our right to demand an assessment from her (she is correct).  She is also upset that we are not correctly reflecting her as the owner of her property.  Mike changed our records and sent an apology on behalf of the board.


4) Letter from Ted Davis, partial year resident, updating his phone number.  Mike made the change to our records.


Fire Prevention:  Richard is still working the idea of somehow removing the dead vegetation around the pond.  He is talking to the Pine River Fire Department and neighbors about conducting a controlled burn and is also looking into other methods.


Irresponsible use of vehicles.  Richard presented a draft Policy on Use of Motor Vehicles in Pine River Ranches Subdivision for consideration by the board.  The policy addresses reckless use of subdivision roads and trespassing by snowmobiles, motorcycles and ATV’s.  Richard would like the board to consider presenting this policy for consideration at the annual meeting.  The board will take the draft policy under advisement.


Unrestrained or nuisance animals.  Richard again recommended that the board address nuisance animals in the next round of violation notices.




Correspondence from Residents:


1)  Nancy Young forwarded an email from Scott Coyne notifying the association that his father Ken Coyne passed away on 8/18/08 and that he and his brothers are the new owners of Subdivision 1, Lot 2 at 1188 Ludwig Drive.  Mike confirmed the new owners are reflected on the La Plata County Assessors website and so changed our records accordingly.  Carl will send a request for contribution.


2) Email from AJ Cheripka notifying the association that they are the new owners of Subdivision 2, Lot 77 at 531 Ludwig Drive.  Mike confirmed the current ownership on the La Plata County Assessors website and changed our records accordingly.  Carla sent them an assessment.


Emergency Exit:  Richard asked for an update.  Jim will contact John Dustin and see if he will attend the March meeting to give the board an update.


Neighborhood Bulletin Board:

Richard collected several bids for an improved neighborhood bulletin board to be installed at the mail boxes.  It would have pexiglass doors and a roof that would better protect notices and postings.  The best bid was from Rod Potter who is a resident and a carpenter by trade.  He would charge us only for the cost of materials, would donate his time and would have it finished by April.  A motion was made and approved to spend up to $160.00 for the construction of an improved bulletin board.


Jim announced he will be out of town from March 3 until the annual meeting in July, except for the April meeting, and so the board will need to name an acting president during his absence.  The board will discuss it and name an acting president at the March meeting.


The March meeting will be held on Wednesday, the 17th at John Wickman’s house.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 pm.



Mike Walcher