10/7/2017 Budget Meeting Minutes

Vice President John Dustin convened the meeting at 10:15 a.m. at the Bayfield Library, 395 Center Drive, Bayfield, CO.

Upper Pine River Fire Chief Evans was unable to attend the meeting. Danielle Coronado, Administrative Assistant, will share the process to secure a grant to replace the bridge.  Chief Evans has concerns regarding the one way bridge which is the only entrance/ exit for Subdivisions #1, #2, and adjoining lots who use the bridge to access their property.

The high water and minor flooding of 2015 and the amount of debris which was removed from the bridge has been a concern.  A grant is available through FEMA to replace the bridge and can only be applied for by the Fire Department.  Reaching out to the Subdivision for assistance, Richard Diedrich was contacted and has spent endless hours coordinating costs of replacement, different agencies for their input and processes, and securing documentation of bridge incidents and costs of repairs.  The total amount needed to replace the bridge is approximately $425,000.00.  The grant would cover 75% of the costs.  The Association would be responsible for 25% of the costs if another funding source is not identified.  The new flood plain plan shows that the top of the bridge is 10-11 inches below the flood plain.

Danielle Coronado, Administrative Assistant, explained how the grant process works and information needed to proceed.

  • Historical information regarding bridge incidents and costs to repair.
  • Stability of the bridge and recent inspections.
  • In case of fire or flooding, how to safely evacuate residents via the one way bridge while also bringing in fire equipment.
  • If larger equipment from outside the area is needed, will the bridge support the equipment?

In order to apply for the grant, repairs to the bridge need to equal the amount of the grant.  Costs to date do not meet that criteria, however likely damage to private property can be included in the costs.

Danielle is recommending: the Fire Dept. not apply for the grant this year but wait to apply in 2018; have the bridge evaluated with the Association and/or the Fire Dept. covering or sharing this cost; obtain information from La Plata County regarding the bridge:  the impact of the Vallecito watershed drainage; the number of daily trips across the bridge.  The most recent inspection was by CH2MHill at the request of BP.  In their opinion, a spotter would be needed to insure that the tires of the equipment stay on the treads.  Going off the treads could prove to be dangerous.  There may be Pre Grant Funding available.

Danielle mentioned that they have identified properties along the river one mile north of the bridge which could be impacted by rising waters and flooding.  She mentioned that 90 Ludwig Drive would be impacted because of location next to the bridge.  This was not good news for O. D. Perry who was in attendance.  During the high water of 2015, the Fire Dept. brought in sand and bags, and kept a watchful eye on the debris jamming up on the pier which supports the middle of the bridge.  They removed numerous logs and other debris which were jammed under the bridge.

John Dustin thanked Danielle for all of the information regarding the grant process and what to expect going forward.

Pat Le Roy reported that there are 19 lots represented in attendance and 21 lots by proxies.  Nancy Young and Terri Bonham have verified the number of lots.

John Dustin introduced La Plata County Commissioner Julie Westendorff.   John Dustin and Richard Diedrich had previously met with her.  She stated that the County is concerned about the bridge and its impact not only on the Subdivision, but the community as well and are taking the issue seriously.  There have been other bridge concerns throughout the county.  She explained several options to funding the cost of a new bridge.  In her opinion, she feels the Association needs to move forward if this grant is approved.  She suggests that BP be approached for some help with funding.  If there is a fire threating the subdivision, her concern is getting people out of the area while bringing in fire equipment.  She cited the Lightner Creek fire as an example of a fast moving fire.  FEMA grants are very labor intensive.  She   stressed the importance of Code Red – reverse 911.

John Dustin thanked Julie for her input from the county perspective.

John Dustin called the meeting to order at 10:43 a.m.  40 lots are represented either in person or by proxy.    Pat Le Roy moved that this meeting be adjourned as less than 46 lots are represented and a business meeting where more than 36 lots are represented be called to order.  John Wickman seconded the motion.  The vote to approve was unanimous.

John Dustin stated that the draft of the 2018 Budget was presented at the July 15, 2017 annual meeting.  He went through the budget line by line, stating that the biggest budget item is the asphalt road chip and seal at $28000.00 replacing the dust abatement cost of $20,000.00.  There is a carryover of $19491.00 with the assessment remaining the same.  There was no discussion.  John explained how CCIOA handles the budget issue.  CCIOA states that it is not necessary for the membership to approve the budget but a motion to veto the budget may be made.  John asked if there was a motion to veto the budget.  No motion was made.  The 2018 Budget is approved for lack of a motion to veto.  Therefore there is no need for a paper ballot.

John Dustin stated that a 2019 Budget worksheet was emailed/mailed to all landowners prior to the meeting.  As things look now, the assessment will remain the same.  The asphalt road will not be a major expense.  The Mowing expense was not included and Pat Le Roy stated that was an oversight on her part.  Mowing is always an annual expense.  She will add that to the 2019 Budget worksheet.  The CC&Rs and By laws, probably will not require any additional legal expense.  Carryover funds from 2018 cannot be projected at this time.


Waste Management – there is a reduced rate for residents over 65.  There has been no response from the company regarding a reduced rate if they serve all residents.

High Speed Internet – Still looking for a site on the ridge for a tower.

John Wickman moved that the meeting be adjourned, motion seconded.  Vote to adjourn was unanimous.  The meeting was adjourned at 11:10a.m.

John Dustin thanked everyone for attending the meeting.


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