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2013 Landowners Association Meeting Agenda

2013 Landowners Association Proxy


May 31, 2013

Dear Neighbors,


The 2013 Annual Landowners Meeting will be Saturday, July 13, 2013 at 10:00 a.m.  Jim and Cheryl Clay have generously offered to host this event again.  The address is 580 Pine River Ranch Circle.  Following the meeting there will be a picnic.  Meat and buns will be provided.  Please plan to bring a dish to share. 

The road work has been completed.  The dust abatement project took about 5 days to complete.  It has been recommended that a second application be applied next spring.  This will be discussed at the meeting.  Several sections of the lane received new asphalt including a portion of the dirt road on the west side of the bridge.  It has been recommended that a seal/seal coating be applied to the asphalt road next spring.  This will be discussed at the meeting.  The Board will secure estimates for both jobs.

**Financial data omitted (formatting concerns) - please see the complete letter for more details.**

Jim Clay and Shane French will be purchasing fish to stock both the river and the pond.  The fish delivery date is June 24, 2013.  If you wish to donate to the Fish Fund, please send your check to PRRLA, P. O. BOX 602, Bayfield, CO  81122 OR deliver your check to Jim or Shane by June 15, 2013 so they may place the order.

In a continuing effort to keep postage and copy costs low, if you would like to receive information by email, but have not previously sent your email address to Pat LeRoy, please send your email address to Pineriverhoa@gmail.comThis is the email address for the Board of Directors.

The current Board has indicated a willingness to continue for another year.  This slate will be presented at the meeting.  Nominations from the members will be accepted at the meeting and a vote will take place.

See you at the 2013 Annual Meeting.

PRRLA Board of Directors




The Fire Mitigation plan is now available to read here.


The Pine River Ranches Fire Mitigation Plan (draft) is available now.  It will be on the agenda for the annual meeting. If you cannot open the link above (Microsoft Word), please try viewing it online in GoogleDocs:; anyone with that link can open the file in a browser, but you may have to have your own Google account to get to it.  If you still cannot access the file, please use the Contact Us page form to email us.


January 2011


Dear Friends and Neighbors:


Hope you had a joyous Holiday and that 2011 brings happiness, health and prosperity.  Enclosed with this letter is the year (2010) end financial report. 


Last month you were mailed your annual assessment.  The Board decided not to raise your assessment. We kept the assessment the same as in 2010.  Full-time residents pay $300; Partial-year residents pay $240; and lot owners pay $120/lot. All assessments were due as of January 1, 2011. Most have already paid their assessments for the year. If you are one of those, THANKS! If you have not yet paid your 2011 assessment, IT IS PAST DUE. Please make your payment ASAP. 


According to  PRRL By-laws  3.8  (b):  The PRRLA shall mail a Notice of Delinquency to the owner of record of any lot on which the assessment has not been received by February 1st  of the assessment year. If the assessment is still delinquent on March 1st of the assessment year, by using due process starting with the mailing of Notice of Intent to File a Lien, a lien shall be applied to the property in the amount of the assessment, plus a 25% penalty, plus all filing costs, collection and legal fees, and shall draw interest of 15% per annum until paid.  Foreclosure of the Lien will be at the discretion of the Board of Directors.
The Board of Directors voted to mail the Notice of Intent to File a Lien, and a copy of the Lien by registered mail with return receipt.  A landowner who fails to accept delivery of a registered letter does not affect the filing of a Lien if payment has not been received by March 1st of the assessment year.  Proper notice has been issued by the Board.  It is the responsibility of each landowner to inform the board when a change of mailing address occurs and/or phone number has changed.


Our monthly meetings are posted on the web at You can also find them posted near the mail boxes. Some of the recent highlights include:

1.      Richard Diedrich along with John Dustin are working on emergency exits in case of fire or flooding.

2.      Our bridge is in need of major repair. The cross timbers that support the treads have reached their 20 year life expectancy. It is next to impossible to nail/screw/or bolt the treads of the old timbers. The nail/screws/bolts quickly pull out of the fibrous timbers.  It is the Board’s opinion that the cross timbers and treads should be replaced either this summer after the annual meeting or as soon thereafter as possible. Materials are estimated at around $10,000.  This will be an important topic at the annual meeting. We will either need a large volunteer crew or need to pay much more. In either case there will need to be a special assessment to cover the necessary costs.

3.      The fire department will be meeting this spring with a number of residents in Sub 1 and 2 to discuss the need for fire mitigation. The fire department has a grant to cover 75% of the landowner’s cost.

4.      Those landowner’s who had inoperable vehicles on their property had corrected those problems. The Board will be sending out notices to any other landowner’s who have violations of our covenants (CC&R’s).

5.      A Motorized Vehicle Policy has been posted on our website. It will be presented for discussion and a vote at the annual meeting.

6.      The Board is continuing to use Neil’s Excavation for all snow plowing. Although the contract does not call for clearing individual driveways, we will ask them not to leave large ice berms as they did last Tuesday. 


We are again seeking donations for the fish fund. Each year a dozen or so make donations totaling $1000 to $1600. The funds are used to stock the river and the pond, improving the quality of life for all and improving property values. A BIG Thanks to those who have helped. Please make this year’s contribution to Pat LeRoy or Jim Clay.


Best wishes,


Jim Clay, President of Board


Motorized Vehicle Policy Proposal 

Annual Fall Letter


Read the 2010 Annual Meeting Notice here.


A special assessment for road recovery has been issued and can be viewed here.



The PRR Association Board held an emergency meeting last night, April 19, at John Wickman's house to discuss the status of the ongoing culvert repair on Ludwig Drive and to vote on a plan going forward.  There were several residents in attendance in addition to the board.   This emergency board meeting was called because the attempt on Monday to install a new 5' diameter culvert to replace the failed culvert was unsuccessful due to the amount of water flowing through the gap in the road.  After discussion the following proposals were made and approved by the Board:

1) Move ahead with the proposal by Neil's Excavation to install two 5 foot diameter culverts.  Neils will install a temporary dike to hold back the water and install one culvert about 15' east of where the original culvert was located.  Once that culvert is installed and seated they will move the dike to reroute the water through that new culvert so they can install the second culvert where the original one was located.  Once that second culvert is installed and seated they will remove the dike to allow water to flow through both culverts.  The culverts will be angled so that the downstream openings of the culverts will both empty into the existing channel of Bear Creek.  Ed Wommer was contacted and approved the work on his side (upstream) side of the road.  John Wickman will contact the owner on the downstream side to notify him of our plans.  The work will start Tuesday morning, April 20.

2) Authorize up to $20,000 for this proposed repair and cut a check for $5,700.00 to Neil's excavation to buy the culverts.  Other options for the repair were discussed but everyone agreed they were either infeasable, and/or would take too long and/or cost even more.  A special assessment will be required, which will be shared equally by all lots in the subdivision.  We will also request contributions from users of the road outside the subdivision.

3) Approve granting Ed Wommer an easement to allow him to connect his existing road to the Ludwig Drive at the mail boxes.  Mr. Wommer will allow us to clean out any obstructions on his property (beaver dams) that may threaten the culverts in the future.

The work will begin Tuesday morning and foot traffic will not be allowed in the area for safety reasons.  Mr. Wommer has agreed to allow foot traffic across his field on the north side of Ludwig Drive to Hwy 501.  Cones and signs will be set up to mark the entrances to the path on 501 (north of the bridge across Bear Creek) and on Ludwig Drive.  PLEASE RESTRICT USE TO FOOT TRAFFIC ONLY.  NO MOTORIZED TRAFFIC WHATSOEVER IS ALLOWED ON MR. WOMMER'S PROPERTY.

We will update the website again this evening.

The PRR Association Board  

Welcome to Pine River Ranches. This website is for the sole use of the residents of the Pine River Ranches subdivision of Bayfield, Colorado. 

Many of the documents available for viewing on this site are in .PDF format.  Visit the Adobe website to download the Adobe Reader, or click on the image below:

If you are new to the subdivision, please read the Good Neighbor policy.  It addresses some common questions and concerns such as dogs, lighting, and fishing access.

The Good Neighbor policy is a work in progress.  Your comments are welcome at any monthly board meeting.

The subdivision's Board of Directors is elected at the Annual Meeting and begins its term in July.  Please consider running for a position on the board.

Current Board Officers


Annual assessments have been mailed. View the accompanying letter here.



2009 General Membership Annual Meeting

When: July 18, 2009, 9:30 am. Details here.




2008 General Membership Annual Meeting

When: July 19, 2007, 9:00 am. Come early to sign in and pick up meeting information.

Where: Fire Department on CR 501 across from Forest Lakes (about 2 miles north of Ludwig). The meeting will be indoors so weather and acoustics should be less of a problem.

Who: All Pine River Ranches residents

Picnic: We will adjourn immediately after the meeting for the Annual Picnic.

Location: TBA

Food: The Board will provide hamburgers and hot dogs, beverages, and table settings. Please bring a side dish, salad, or dessert to share and your own beverage if you like.

Other things to bring: folding chairs, a good appetite, and eagerness to meet and greet new and old neighbors.




Contact a Board member and sign up today




General Membership Annual Meeting

When: July 14, 2007, 10:00 am. Come early to sign in and pick up meeting information.

Where: Fire Department on CR 501 across from Forest Lakes (about 2 miles north of Ludwig). The meeting will be indoors so weather and acoustics should be less of a problem.

Who: All Pine River Ranches residents

Picnic: We will adjourn immediately after the meeting for the Annual Picnic.

Location: Jim and Cheryl Clay's house (580 Pine River Ranch Circle)

Food: The Board will provide hamburgers and hot dogs, some beverages, and table settings. Please bring a side dish, salad, or dessert to share and your own beverage if you like.

Other things to bring: folding chairs, a good appetite, and eagerness to meet and greet new and old neighbors.

Documentation: Click here to view a letter from the President, the Agenda, the Treasurer Report, the 2008 Budget, and a letter concerning the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act.


This letter is from the attorney addressing the Senate Bills 89, 100. There are some attachments that are lengthy but do support her opinion. The Board feels that by posting it on the web page we are meeting one more requirement for landowner notification.

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